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Asia Minor Championship - Katowice 2019 odds

Who wins CS:GO - Asia Minor Championship - Katowice 2019?

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Oddsmakers Favor the Renegades Over Grayhound for CS:GO 2019 Asia Minor Katowice

The CS:GO professional tournament circuit is heating up early this year.

This January 22nd through the 26th in Katowice, Poland, the CS:GO 2019 Asia Minor final qualifier will be held to determine which team is the best in the region.

Those who watch eSports are putting the Renegades over Grayhound to take home the first place spot and the consensus is somewhat universal on this point. Odds for the Renegades winning it all outright are at +150 while those for nearest challenger Grayhound comes in at +275. According to Sports Betting Dime, these numbers were tallied on December 24, 2018.

Historically the renegades have faced the Chinese team Tyloo in the Asia Minor. Due to that team’s performance in the London tournament, they’ve moved on to the Major circuit. Typically Tyloo was the only squad that challenged the Renegades which is why the odds are so heavily in favor of the Renegades taking it all quite easily.

Another point that the numbers are pushing is that the final event could be an all-Australia matchup with next-best team Grayhound also hailing from the land down under.

While Grayhound is receiving favorable press, few think they’re going to have what it takes to defeat the Renegades. A lot of this is not only attributed to the Renegades’ past numbers but also the skill of their team playing in high-level tournaments.

Other teams like third favored ViCi and fourth MVP PK could pull off a miracle but it isn’t expected. Of the two, MVP PK has the most experience with major tournaments like CS:GO 2019 Asia Minor Katowice, for whatever edge that gives them.

Odds for the Renegades and Grayhound reaching the Asia Minor Final outright are at -225 and -145 respectively.

The format for the tournament this year will have a few minor adjustments according to a post from Intel Extreme Masters.

The format will be double elimination with two groups of four teams in each group. Openers will be bo1 while Decider, Elimination, and Winners’ matches will be on a bo3. Using bo3 for the Winners’ match is a change for the 2019 format. Playoffs will be double elimination of four teams in a bo3 bracket without a Grand Final taking place this year at the CS:GO 2019 Asia Minor Katowice. In its place, the winner of the top bracket will be first and the winner of the bottom bracket will be placed 2nd. The top two teams from each participating region will qualify for the Challenger Stage at CS:GO 2019 Major in Katowice.

The team that places third in each region will have a chance to qualify for the Minor Playoff, the winner of which will give that team another shot at the major. The pairing of teams is already predetermined: EU versus Asia, CIS and Americas with Opening and Winners’ matches played as bo1 and Elimination and Decider matches being bo3.


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