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ELEAGUE Invitational 2019 odds

Who wins CS:GO - ELEAGUE Invitational 2019?

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Faze Clan4.004.00

ELEAGUE Invitational 2019

The first ever ELEAGUE Invitational will be played out on January 25th, in the ELEAGUE Arena in Atlanta. Featuring four teams (BIG, FaZe, Complexity and Cloud9), it follows a double-elimination, best-of-three bracket where teams are vying for the $150,000 prize.

Back to their Winning Ways?

Back in 2017, FaZe used to be the number one team in the world, and with the recent swap of AdreN (the Kazakhstani star) for former IGL Karrigan, it remains to be seen if they can get back to their former form.

Despite bringing more firepower to the team, it will still be hard for AdreN to fill the void left by Karrigan, as the leadership role he took on in FaZe appears to be vacant. If one of the other players is able to step up and take on Karrigan duties and leave the Kazakhstani star with no other responsibilities then fragging, FaZe should be a force to be reckoned with this year.

Gotta be the Chicken

BIG should be the other team to look out for at the ELEAGUE Invitational. Led by Counterstrike legend gob b, the German side found some success in 2018 placing second at ESL One Cologne, with a few other 3rd place finishes throughout the year.

From their set pieces to their utility usage, BIG is one of the more tactical teams in CS:GO. On the other hand, FaZe plays a very loose style, which most of the time works very reasonably well for them, except when playing a super tactical team like BIG.

With the recent addition of XANTARES (the Turkish superstar), BIG looks even stronger heading into the ELEAGUE Invitational. If the trio of XANTARES, smooya, and tabseN are able to show up in Atlanta, it may prove to be too much for the FaZe side to handle.

Will it End up as an All-European Affair?

BIG and FaZe enter the tournament with the best odds to meet up with each other in the finals, but Complexity and Cloud9 both have serious upset potential.

Coming off of a very strange year, Cloud9 were able to win the Boston Major (being the first North American team to ever do so) in 2018, only to lose two of their star players, and struggle for the rest of the year, playing the majority of 2018 with a number of different stand-ins. With their IGL Golden still dealing with health issues, Cloud9 find themselves still playing without a concrete roster.

Coming off of a roster change themselves, Complexity has put yay on the bench as well as Android, in favor of n0thing and Rickeh. The new look Complexity heads into the 2019 season as one of the biggest question marks.

They had pretty random results for the rest of the year in 2018 after making it to the playoffs at the London Major. Hopefully bringing in the veterans n0thing and Rickeh can yield more consistency for this roster, as they provide upset value in nearly every event they attend.

All-in-all, expect it to be an all-European affair in the finals of the ELEAGUE Invitational. BIG and FaZe are both in a tier above Complexity and Cloud9 at the moment, and it should show in Atlanta.


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