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Czech Ice Hockey League odds

Czech Ice Hockey League odds

Who wins the Czech Ice Hockey League 2018?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Kometa Brno1.081.08
Hc Ocelári Trinec8.008.00

With another season of the Czech Extra League in the books, it’s time to look towards next year.

Even though HC Kometa Brno took home the title this past season, they may not have it in them to repeat. Brno has 24 pending free agents this off season, including 4 of their Top 10 leading scorers from this past season. If even they were able to retain a number of those players, replacing former NHL Martin Erat’s point production (for example) would be a tough go. Their best player, Marek Kvapil, is on the other side of 30 and just put up his lowest totals in his career in the Czech Extra League.

The odds on favourite to take home the Czech title this year is HC Sparta Praha. 2 of this year’s top 3 scoring leaders came from Sparta, and their goalie Filip Novotny put up stellar numbers with no sings of slowing down. At 25 years old, Novotny is poised to better his 1.93 GAA/.924 SV% next season, propelling Sparta to the league title. With 2-time Extra League Champion Jiri Kalous behind the bench, it would be to no one’s surprise for Sparta to run away with the league next season.

Perhaps the team that would most be considered a wild card, or dark horse, would be HC Vitkovice. The Steel iced the youngest team in the Extra League last year (averaging 25.48 years old), and 30 of their 36 players are Czech natives. This team not only has the farthest to grow, but also has the players to do so. With 457 games of NHL experience among them, this team made the playoffs for the first time in 4 years last season, which shows tremendous growth; especially from a team that made the playoffs 7 years in a row a few years prior.

Bringing up the bottom of the league next season, will likely be HC Karlovy Vary. With the least amount of NHL experience on it’s roster (a whopping 0 games), this team lacks raw talent. Their top scorer, Vaclav Skuhravy, finished 39th in the league in scoring with 27 points in 52 games. Their next highest? 83rd. With a less than stellar offence, and a goaltender who finished 18th in league goaltending stats (2.71 GAA, .901 SV%), it’s tough to imagine this team making a run for the playoffs. If they somehow make a magical run to the championship, you better have put some good money on them; your pay day would be huge.