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German Ice Hockey League odds – Get the Best Odds at DEL

DEL Odds

Who wins the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) 2020/2021?

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German Ice Hockey League (DEL) 2020/2021

What has happened in the past months?

The German Ice Hockey League (DEL) was one of the first professional leagues to decide to stop the season completely. The threat of the Corona virus was too huge from the point of view of the people responsible, so the past season was already cancelled at the beginning of March and the upcoming playoffs were also cancelled. Unlike in basketball, where the season could be ended by a tournament, no matches have been played on the ice since March, and it was also decided not to crown a champion. The defending champions in the coming season are thus once again the Adler Mannheim, who last secured the title two years ago.

Due to the cancellation of the playoffs, many clubs got into great financial difficulties. But there was help from a package from the state – the DEL clubs can receive up to 800,000 euros for lost ticket income from April to December. In addition, there were many measures to save money – many employees were on short-time work, many players waived part of their income.

When will it start again?

With absolute certainty, no one can give an answer to this question. But the DEL plans to start the season again in mid-November. Compared to the competing sport handball, which wants to start in October, this is comparatively late. About the mode: It is still planned with 52 main round matches, but a slightly adjusted play-off mode: From the quarter finals on, the games will be played in best-of-five instead of best-of-seven mode.

Who is the title favourite?

The season in ice hockey is known to be long, there are many games and ultimately for many teams the main goal is to qualify for the playoffs. Nevertheless, the teams of EHC Red Bull Munich – last season before they broke off at the top of the table – and Adler Mannheim are considered the most consistent teams in the league. Over the past five years, the German title has gone to either Munich or Mannheim.

What will happen in the playoffs cannot be predicted at the moment. All teams lack the competition and the comparison with other clubs. In the current situation, the main thing is to get back to a certain normality.

What about spectators?

Whether and how many people will be able to follow the ice hockey games in the arenas is still uncertain. Franz Reindl, the president of the German federation, recently said: "We are doing everything we can to ensure that we can play with spectators." But he also knows that sports that take place indoors have even bigger problems than those that are played in the open air. Nevertheless: The DEL, the handball and basketball Bundesliga are much more dependent on ticket sales than professional football. The television funds, from which football profits greatly, only make up a small part of the seasonal budgets in the other sports. At present, the ice hockey clubs are therefore working individually on hygiene concepts to allow spectators to watch – but whether politicians will allow this remains to be seen.