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DreamLeague Season 12 odds

Who wins Dota 2 - DreamLeague Season 12?

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Oddsmakers Put Dota 2 Team Liquid on Top at DreamLeague Season 10

One of the world’s premier eSports games, Dota 2 from Valve Corporation, the same company behind the popular Steam service, is multiplayer battle arena that pits up to 10 players against each other in arenas inspired by the mod for Blizzard’s Warcraft III, Defense of the Ancients.

An intensively competitive game, Dota 2 is also a darling of the eSports tournament circuit and its leagues boast of some of the biggest names in gaming.

With the beginning of tournament season just around the corner, analysts are beginning to take a deep dive into each team’s key assets and formulating odds of success for each in the tournaments within which they have berths.

As the first Minor of the 2018-19 Dota Pro Circuit, all eyes are on the upcoming DreamLeague Season 10 event with 8 teams competing for a pot of some $USD 300,000. The winner of DreamLeague Season 10 will go on to the Kuala Lumpur Major.

And the bookmakers couldn’t be more unequivocal in their estimation of DreamLeague Season 10’s competitors with a clear favorite emerging early on in their analysis.

Odds are favoring perennial darling Team Liquid at 2.1 as the group comes off of its somewhat mixed showing last year. These odds mean that a person betting $100 on Team Liquid winning DreamLeague Season 10 will have winnings of $210 according to eSports Ranks.

But eSports Ranks also sees some problems on the horizon, namely that Team Liquid’s previous rocky road might indicate that the group isn’t quite the force they used to be. This, coupled with the longevity of the current squad, makes many people wonder if there might be some major changes on the horizon for Team Liquid. Under their current configuration Team Liquid has over 300 wins with a 68% record which makes them one of the most dominant in the league. But, as last season’s player departures illustrated for some analysts, a changing dynamic at Team Liquid might put them at a disadvantage.

That said, there is little doubt of their dominance in early polling of oddsmakers.

Royal Never Give Up are favored by bookies at 3.97 with the highest number assigned to the team being a 4 while distant competitor ROOONS would provide the most bang for their buck so to speak if they were to overcome and win it all with odds at 33.75 to win DreamLeague Season 10. A middle of the road approach would see someone putting their money on ROX Tigers or The Final Tribe, favored at 10.92 and 11.92 respectively. 



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