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ESL One Hamburg 2019 odds

Who wins ESL One Hamburg 2019?

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DOTA 2 ESL One Comes to Hamburg in 2019

A proving ground or a place where legacies are made? Either way, ESL One returns to Hamburg and all eyes are on the Barclaycard Arena as we wait to see the future of pro DOTA 2 eSports on full display.

ESL One is returning to Hamburg for 2019 to host one of the world’s premier DOTA 2 tournaments. This comes exactly one year after ESL One Hamburg 2018’s thrilling events which helped firmly establish Hamburg as a testing ground for players and teams alike. Fate only knows what this year’s match will bring but one thing is certain: Everyone is absolutely pumped.

This October ESL One returns for the third time and one year after Team Secret took it all home back in 2018. Featuring 12 teams comprising players from all around the globe, each and every one of them will be competing for a prize pot of some $300,000. That’s a heady amount of money, but it is no surprise given just how high the stakes are at ESL One.

Things won’t be all games and prize money, however, as the Barclaycard Arena is promising a new and improved “Artists Alley” this year after a few complaints about last year’s somewhat lackluster event. What is an “Artists Alley”? Basically a fan’s chance to meet the teams and players that they watch play DOTA 2. All of the big superstars will be there, making it an awesome opportunity for fans to meet and greet with their favorites.

In addition to the team signings, there will also be a slew of workshops on offer as well as a cosplay contest. VP eSports reports that DOTA 2 ESL One in Hamburg is somewhat known for their awesome cosplay demonstrations among the fandom, and 2019 should be no different. The winner of the cosplay contest will take home a €3000 prize - nothing to sneeze at if for sure!

Here are some of the specific workshops on offer:

Drawing Workshop

Artwork Corner

Hero Gallery

Airbrush Tattoo

Balloon Artist

White Signing Wall / Dota Landscape Backdrop

Chill out Area

Matchmaking Point for meet-ups

Senior Vice President of Product at ESL said of the upcoming event, “This year the focus is especially on offering the passionate community an ultimate Dota 2 fan experience by transforming the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg into the gateway to the world of esports.”

The event is also growing with each year, as many have noted. The logistics and amount of effort going into this year’s Hamburg is much greater than last year’s, reflecting the booming nature of eSports.

Why everyone will be watching ESL One in Hamburg is because of what happened last year. Team Secret not only won the event but went on to dominate after that. Will this year be a repeat occurrence? Or will a new team take the helm? Beyond that, is Hamburg a proving ground for champions, meaning who wins here will dominate in subsequent events? We will find out soon enough.



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