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Dota 2 - The Chongqing Major 2019 odds

Who wins the Chongqing Major 2019?

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Dota 2: The Chongqing Major 2019

The 2019 Dota 2's season, first Major will be taking place from January 19-27, where we will get a chance to watch the world’s best, battling it out against each other in hopes of claiming the Chongqing Major.

In a very rare occurrence, there are actually three teams that are tied as favorites to take home the $350,000 prize and the trophy.

Team Liquid, Virtus.Pro and Secret all stand an equal chance of winning Chongqing.

Can the Russians win the Competition?

Virtus.Pro dominated during the 2018 season and has been at the top of the Dota 2 for some time now. They were able to win 4 major tournaments, and placed 2nd in another.

Though at The International, Virtus.Pro had a very disappointing finish, where they placed 5-6th, they were able to bounce back by winning the final Major of the year by defeating Team Secret 3-2 in the Grand Finals in Kuala Lumpur.

As for Chongqing, the Russian side definitely has momentum going, but will it be enough to push them through the tournament on their way to hoisting yet another premier championship?

Will the PSG.LGD be able to redeem themselves?

After falling short in the finals of The International to OG, the Chinese squad had yet another disappointing finish in the Kuala Lumpur Major, placing 5-6th.

After being bounced by Evil Geniuses, PSG.LGD followed that up by placing 7-8th in H-Cup Season 10.

Needless to say, 2018's end could have gone better for the Chinese squad, and they are going to come out hungry to start the 2019 season.

Can Team Secret Get Through the Big Stage?

For a squad that consistently places Top-6, team Secret seem to struggle when trying to close it out on the international stage.

Team Secret did have a few wins in the 2018 season, but none of it was against any top team.

Though they are expected to be one of the co-favorites to win at the Chongqing Major, but i don’t think they’ll be the ones raising the trophy on the 27th, as they seems to be having a mental block when it comes to tournaments with top teams competing.

The Dark Horse, Evil Geniuses?

Led by veteran SumaiL, you can just never count out the North American team. A team that regularly find wins over some of the top Dota teams, Evil Geniuses can compete with the best of the best. Though they ended their 2018 rather disappointingly, the former International champions should bounce back and be in top form come time for the Chongqing Major.


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