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Drop the oscar at Academy Award 2018 Odds

The moment an actor wins the award it is possible that the emotions are too overwhelming for actors to focus on it. The honor, the pride, the achievement is the common ground for this moment, but then all of a sudden you get nervous, cranky and eventually you lose it. Award goes down and drops into pieces and you are left amazed to it. In this article we will discuss the possibilities about an actor or actress dropping the award on a live show.

It has never happened in Oscar history that someone has accidentally dropped the award on the floor of the Academy awards ceremony. Over the course of history, there have been thousands of winners of every sort and every category, but the award has always left the stage in full format. Although, there has been one occasion when the award actually did not left the complex alive.

After the 2011 ceremonies, the award for Best Picture went to the movie Kings Speech, for which co-producer Simon Egan won the award. After the ceremony, the movie personnel went to the party afterwards and Egan gave the award for a brief moment to his 15-month old daughter, who dropped it on the concrete floor of the ceremony. The moment caused more laughter than distraught, as the Academy made a new one for Simon Egan, which was delivered to him subsequently.

There are many ceremonies during a calendar year that can feature someone breaking and/or dropping the award, which they won. Will Ferrell won the Mark Twain Prize couple of years back and as he headed to deliver the speech, the award fell and he broke it to pieces. However, it was later revealed that it was all a practical joke and that the award was actually safe and well.

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