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Finnish basketball league odds

Who wins the Finnish basketball league 2017/2018?

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On 26th of September a new season, 78th since its foundation, of Finland’s top tier basketball league will start. This season 11 teams will participate in Korisiliga, one more than season before.

The league is getting stronger, and after Finland hosted one Eurobasket group and made it to 1/8 finals with some pretty impressive games and victories, like against France, and with emerging European start in Lauri Markkanen, it is expected for basketball to have an increase in popularity in the country.

Finland’s basketball league already enjoys biggest popularity among Scandinavian countries. Last season, average attendance in Korisiliga was 940 per game, and that number is something that most of European basketball leagues would dream.

Now, let’s take a closer look on the league.

This season 11 teams will compete, and that means each team will play 40 games in regular season, as each team plays 2 home and 2 away games against other teams.

First 8 teams head into playoffs, with best-of-five quarterfinal series, and best-of-seven semifinal and final series.

Having that much regular season games definitely takes out some importance of each game, and it’s not an accident that number one team after regular season didn’t win a championship.

Korisiliga is played in fast pace. Last season, only two teams played at a pace slower than 75 possessions per game. In comparison, in last season’s Euroleague there was no team that played over 75 possessions per game.

The game is fast, with a lot of 3-point shots (league’s average is 25 per game). Only one team averaged less than 75 points per game, and six averaged above 80. In this kind of league, having either best 3-point shot percentages or defense can make a huge difference.

So it’s not an accident why Kataja was a champion. They had league’s best defense and were 3rd in 3-point percentage. Looking into next season, these two statistic parameters could indicate which team has the best chance in playoffs. 

And the champion will be…

  1. Joensuun Kataja

Kataja is a defending champion and in 2017/18 it’s will be harder for other teams to change that. Kataja will participate in FIBA Champions League this season, and they’re the only Finish club to play in European competitions this season.

That means Kataja will have an advantage in attracting the best available USA players in their team, and since they’re the ones that make difference in the league, it’s reasonable to expect for Kataja to be the best team in the league once again.

They were league’s best defense and best offense last season despite finishing in the second spot in regular season. But in the playoffs Kataja stepped up and dominated the finals.

One moer thing that separates them from the competition is the fact that they have two head coaches, one Finish and one American, which helps a lot when new USA players arrive. This is the reason why they manage to get the most out of their foreign players.

2. Salon Vilpas

Last season runner-ups and regular season’s number one team is looking to get thing right this time. Vilpas dominated the regular season, leading the league with 28-8 record, but fell short in playoff finals, where they were no match against Kataja, losing in six games.

As with other teams, Vilpas also depends heavily on USA players, as their top4 scorers were Americans. It will be interesting to see how they did their job in bringing quality additions this season, but one thing is certain – they have to improve their defense if they want to become champions.

Vilpas was league’s second best in points allowed to opponents, but they have to make one more step up to compete with Kataja.


As far as others are concerned, there is no a team that have established system that produces continuity in results. One season can be very productive, while the other could go in totally opposite way. There is no team for which we can say with certainty it could enter in legitimate championship race.