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Finnish basketball league odds

Who wins the Finnish basketball league 2018/2019?

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Korisliiga 2018/2019

With the end of the 2017-18 season in Finland, we already started thinking about new upcoming season and expectations.
Finland league is not a top-tier league in Europe, but last year it was a pretty good season, we had a lot of good games, players, and close matchups.
The Korisliiga is the top and the best basketball league in Finland. The national professional league consists of 11 best teams in the country. The league format is based on two home and two away games, each team plays all other teams four times in the regular season with a total of 40 games in regular season.
The best placed eight teams are qualified for playoffs, where all series are in a best-of-five format.

There are rumors Korisliiga is likely to see 11 teams in the upcoming season. Originally, the number of teams in the Korisliiga was planned to be raised for the first time, but the series is hardly supplemented after Espoo United's bankruptcy. Espoo United's story as a basketball team lasted only two years. Two seasons ago, United became a divorce winner for Korisliiga. Last season, United missed out on Korisliiga for a drop-off. It was the ninth and the last two-legged KTP that took the playoff spot.

Kauhajoki's Karhubasket, which won the Finnish Basketball Championships in this spring for the first time in their history, will join the Champions League qualifiers. The Champions League is a 2016 series launched by FIBA Europe to challenge Euroleague. Karhubasket has signed a contract for the upcoming season with Okko Järven, Eero Innama, and Mikael Laihonen. One of the best players from last season Bojan Sarcevic has a valid contract for the next season. And we can see them as number one contenders for next year champions. When It comes to the wild card, 2016-17 winner Kataja is left out.

In meantime, Salon Vilpas has made its third foreign investment in Korisliiga. The club hired a 201-inch Brandon Taylor. The 23-year-old Taylor has also played in Greece and Switzerland. Last season, Taylor played in Sweden's Basketliga in Östersund. Jämtland finished third in the regular season (15/13) but dropped to Borås in the playoffs with 2-1. Taylor made 15.7 points in Sweden and took 6.0 rebounds per game. After defeat in finals against Kauhajoki, they are really committed to winning the title next season.

With season ahead, there is going to be another interesting season for basketball lovers in Finland. At this point of view there is no pure favorite, so we can expect many surprises.
Also, many young Finnish players will get their chance to prove their talent and maybe someday try their luck in some much bigger European leagues. With great expectations, we are waiting for new season to start.