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Finnish second hockey league odds

Finnish second hockey league odds

Who wins the Finnish second hockey league 2018/2019?

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Mestis 2018-2019 Finland – Everything That You Should Know About The Upcoming Season

Mestis 2018-2019 seasons is about to start and the fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season of the Mestis league. Over the years, this league has attracted so many viewers from around the globe because of its amazing matches and competition. This time around, fans will see an even better version of the league and there will be more exciting games to watch. Here is everything that you need to know about the Mestis 2018-2019 season.

For those who don’t know, Mestis is the 2nd highest ice hockey league in Finland and it has a huge fan following. It was formerly known as the 1-Divisoona which was founded way back in 2000. There are overall 12 teams which participate in this ice hockey league. Espoo United, Hermes, Lisalmen Peli-Karhut, Jokipojat, JYP-Akatemia, Kiekko-Vantaa, KeuPa HT, Leki, Peliitat, Rovaneimen Kiekko, SaPKo, TUTO Hockey are the teams which will take part in the upcoming season of the league.

Jukurit is the most successful team of the league by winning seven titles. While, KeuPa HT is the defending champions and this time around there will be a huge pressure on KeuPa HT as they will be defending their title. It will be interesting to see which team will come on top in this upcoming exciting season of the Finland Ice Hockey league.

Mestis Season 2018-2019 News and Update

With the Mestis season 2018-2019 is about to start, there are different changes made in all the teams. A lot of teams are transferring their players and trying to make new combinations in order to perform well in the league. TUTO released a bunch of player deals and Matt Nickerson returns to Finland. Players like Atte and Miro Makinen will play for the TUTO side in the next season. TUTO also acquired the 20 year old Samu Lonkila as well.

On the other hand new set players are acquired by RoK as well. The French brothers are seen in the same team as well. RoKi has booked two players from Oulu Karp and an attacker from the French main series. So, overall this season is going to be exciting and fun as there are a lot of changes made in all of the teams. They have also acquired the Olli Ronkko. He is a 20 year old sent to the Arctic Circuit from the A-junios of Oulu Karppi where he won silver in the final season.

So, don’t miss the Mestis 2018-2019 season at all. As far as the schedule of the upcoming season is concerned all the details of the matches schedule will be revealed here. So, stay with us and get all the information about the Mestis season 2018-2019.