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Gent–Wevelgem 2020 odds

Who wins Gent–Wevelgem 2020?

Gent–Wevelgem 2020 will be held the 11th October 2020. There is no odds at Gent–Wevelgem 2020 yet, but we have found odds at Tour de France 2020.

Who wins Gent–Wevelgem 2019?

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Gent–Wevelgem 2019

Gent Wevelgem is the start of Flanders Classics week, often the most high-quality sportive of the year and is the part of UCI Europe tour. The race changes every 365 days which mean yearly quite but is defined through the middle section packed with tough climbs, some off-road riding on the Plum streets and most of all from the daylong fight with strong headwinds. The game sports objectives to detect a decent group and share the workload, taking turns on the front and spending most of the time out of the wind. Getting dropped or trying a kamikaze attack can come again to hang-out you quickly.

The racing tour begins in early March on first Saturday each year before the Tour of Flanders. It's a one-day tour and the route amount up to 250.8 kilometers and features eleven hills and three sectors on semi-unpaved roads.

Peter Sagan won the 2018 tour of Gent-Wevelgem, and he outsprints all to pocket his third victory, while Elia Viviani took the second place.

The 2019 Route

The course of Gent Wevelgem in Flanders Fields pursues the most vital areas of the great Ghent-Wevelgem cycle race. You spring from Kemmel to Westouter, Boeschepe, Godewaersvelde, Berthen, Bailleul, Loker, Dranouter and end with a double climb of the Kemmelberg. The program takes in eleven testing slopes, including the Catsberg, Zwarteberg, Monteberg, and Scherpenberg. When you achieve the best, you can appreciate the radiant all-encompassing perspectives, with their interwoven of woods and fields, jumbled by superb indented streets. All distance, of course, is amounting round about 250-255KM.


1-    Dienze to Kortrijk (250KM) Hilly-Mountain Stage.


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