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Italian basketball league Odds

Who wins the Italian basketball league 2019/2020?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Ax Armani Exchange Olimpia Milano1.451.45
Pallacanestro Olimpia Milano1.501.45
Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna5.004.75
Segafredo Virtus Bologna5.005.00
Dinamo Sassari21.0017.00
Umana Venezia23.0017.00
New Basket Brindisi34.0029.00
Aquila Basket Trento34.0031.00
Guerino Vanoli Basket34.0034.00
Fortitudo Bologna51.0041.00
De' Longhi Treviso67.0067.00
Pallacanestro Varese81.0067.00
Lottomatica Roma101.0061.00
Pallacanestro Trieste101.0061.00
Pallacanestro Reggiana101.0071.00
Benetton Treviso101.0081.00
Acqua S.Bernardo Cantù101.00101.00
Pallacanestro Cantù151.00101.00
Carpegna Prosciutto Basket Pesaro151.00151.00
Victoria Libertas Pesaro201.00151.00
Oriora Pistoia251.00251.00
Pistoia Basket 2000251.00251.00

Lega Basket Serie A 2019/2020

The Italian basketball league is one of the most improved leagues in Europe. Every year teams invest so much money and passion in their league to grow.
This year is the same case, many teams invested a big amount of money to secure the best possible spot in the league finish.
If you look at the names on the paper, you would probably say that Olimpia Milano is the league favorite, and you are probably right.
Mindaugas Kuzminskas, Curtis Jerrells, and Alen Omic left the team but the team already sign White, Sergio Rodrigez, Ricardo Morascini and Vladimir Micov signed a new 2-year contract.
Last year Olimpia Milano also had a strong squad but they still didn’t manage to win the domestic league title.
Coach Messina will need to manage a lot of big names in his squad and use them in the best way possible.

Virtus Bologna invested a huge amount of money this year. There is no doubt they are planning to play next year Euroleague.
They have a history of making big thins in European competitions, but in the last couple of years they struggle a lot, but this year will be something different.
The new coach of the team is Aleksandar Djordjevic, the coach of Serbian national team.
Coach Djordjevic has a clear vision of his team, so he decided to sign the biggest transfer this summer.
Milos Teodosic is the new player of Virtus Bologna. Serbian playmaker will earn slightly more than five million euros in the Italian club. But the club didn’t stop here, they also sign Frank Brandon Gaines from Pallacanestro Cantù and Kyle Weems.
The club goal is to play in Euroleague, but that will be possible only in case they win EuroCup.

We can't afford to forget last years finalist Venezia and Sassari, great teams who managed to make upset.
Dinamo Sassari announced the signing of the Croatian center Miro Bilan. He is very dangerous in the low post, he has fast hands and the ability to create advantages in many situations.
On the other side, Stefano Gentile renew his contract until 2021. He arrived in Sassari last year with the signing of a two-year contract, Gentile played one of his best seasons especially in the second part, as a mature player, continuous and sure of his means. Also, Daniele Magro extended hist contract to one more year. This year they will compete in FIBA’s Champions League.

Reyer Venezia will have an almost impossible task Infront them to repeat last year success. It will depend a lot of the new team selection because teams like Venezia need to sell their players so they can survive to play basketball at the highest level.
Without any doubt, we can expect a very interesting competition and probably a new champion.
Will Olimpia manage to play a high level of basketball at Euroleague and domestic league? Will Bologna managed to qualify for Euroleague? Will some team be able to surprise much bigger teams? One thing is sure, we will need to wait and see.


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