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Italian basketball league Odds

Who wins the Italian basketball league 2017/2018?

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Italian Lega Basket Serie A Season 2018 preview

Despite the fact that it is one of the most entertaining leagues in Europe, Italian Lega Basket Serie A isn't capable of producing some high-quality teams which are going to have a significant role on the international stage.

The clubs are divided, regarding the war between FIBA and ULEB, several of them joined Euro Cup and Euro League, other went to FIBA competitions.

Armani Milano has the license for Euroleague, and no matter what they do in the national championship, appearance in Euroleague is guaranteed. This is something that is destroying the league because you really don't have that kind of motive once you have an absolute advantage in the elite European competition.

We saw the best proof during this year's playoffs. Armani just fell apart after several games, and in the middle of the post-season their club collapsed, and most of the players were either released, or they simply walked away. This made this league ridiculous, and this might diminish the success of all other clubs. Armani won the championship twice in the last three years, and since they are playing in Euroleague, they have the advantage when bringing the players, because playing for them is far more attractive.

We have to add that Armani wasn't the best team in Italy during 2017 season, in spite all these benefits.

We will have an interesting championship in 2018. Several clubs will aim the title. Armani, Trento, Venezia, Sassari, Avelino.

Armani will be No. 1, but if their attitude towards the national title is like during this year, others will once again have a good chance.

We can't decide who has the biggest chance to challenge Armani. To be honest, all clubs have the similar quality and small variations are going to be crucial. Sassari is a serious team, who might want to reach Euroleague once again. For now, they are participatinFIBA Champions League but do not think for one second, that they do not ant to play in Euroleague.

This season's playoff showed that Trento and Venezia have high goals and that primarily refers to Venezia. This club, besides good team, has very loyal fans who create an incredible atmosphere at their home court.

Trento is an organization with high investment, and who has high aspirations. Just three years ago they were entering the second division, and now they have reached the Euro Cup.

Also, Avelino is a force that shouldn't be forgotten. They are constant in the Italian basketball which needs to be respected.

Italian League prefers high-tempo with a lot of three-point shooting, and high-efficiency games. Defense is not the primary aspect of the play, and that is limiting the Italian teams, once they show up in Europe.

One characteristic which is noticeable is the lack of a strong classical center. The Italian clubs prefer stretch-five players, who can shoot, run and dribble. Basically, lighter centers who can speed up the game

All in all, the Italian Lega Basket Serie A, is an unusual league, with a lot of foreign players, but also a competition, with the most similar teams in Europe.