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LBA odds – Get the Best Odds at Lega Basket Serie A

Who wins the Lega Basket Serie A, LBA, 2020/2021?

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The Serie A Basketball League has an important history. The commitment of the LBA began in 1966 with the birth of a first form of union of basketball clubs which had the aim of having an important role recognized in organizing the championship. Four years later, in 1970, this first aggregation would then lead to the official birth of the Serie A Basketball League League. An important story that continues to grow today. The championship has always been divided into two phases.

  • Regular season: from October to May, the teams face each other in an Italian group with home and away matches. For each matchday, as per regulation, 2 points are assigned to the winning team and none to the defeated team; at the end of the 30 days, the first 8 classified are admitted to the play-offs. The last team in the ranking is relegated to A2, with the winner of the second series playoffs taking her place.
  • Play-off: the 8 participating teams enter the final phase, divided into three rounds (quarter-finals, semifinals and final). The races take place at the best of 5 challenges, while the final is played over 7 races; the winning team is proclaimed champion of Italy. 5 teams participate in the European cups by registering for the EuroCup and the Basketball Champions League; following an agreement with FIBA in 2015, Olimpia Milano is automatically admitted to EuroLeague Basketball.

LBA 2020/2021

For the 2020/2021 season the LBA will have some changes. Lately the Lega Basket Serie A has been reunited in an extraordinary assembly to confirm the change: the next Serie A will have 16 teams. A step back from the 18 format approved in May. After the self-retrocession of Pistoia, the positions of Rome and Cremona remain in the balance. Turin, currently in A2, becomes the first reserve.

This was announced by the president of the Lega Umberto Gandini, revoking the resolution of last May 15 that had ratified the format at 18, including in these 16 teams also the critical situations that everyone has known for some time in Rome and Cremona, which they are working to solve their problems but which still seem far from the solution through the mouths of those concerned. In all these changes the excluded part is the Turin team, which in the past weeks, the same Lega had admitted it to the big table only to then decide that, in the test of the accounts, it would have been the seventeenth and therefore no longer in accordance with the needs of the LBA and also had not yet reached the conclusion of the sale by Sardara, president of Sassari and also owner of Turin.

In short, a nice confusion, with the awareness that in the next assembly we will begin to draw conclusions, leaving the Turin team suspended by a thread until then.

In the meantime, the process foresees the publication of the calendar, always taking into account the unknowns regarding the windows of the national team, one of which, that of November, has not yet been confirmed to date. The only certain thing is that the number of relegations and related promotions from A2 remains unchanged, two in both cases.

They are certainly unpleasant situations, but we are confident in the LBA, which will surely be able to find a solution. In the meantime, the Italian basketball machine has officially started and after organizing the prologue of the Super Cup that will bring the sixteen teams to play for the trophy on September 20, it has released the calendar for the new 2020/21 season.

First round scheduled for 27 September with the key match between Venice, reigning champion, and Brindisi, practically the final of the last trophy of last season, the Coppa Italia. Thirty games to be played in one go with the usual rules. At the end of the first round, scheduled for January 10, the first eight will play the Italian Cup, while the most awaited match on paper, the one between Milan and Bologna Virtus, the two teams on the card credited with playing the title up to fund, will have the Christmas stage of the thirteenth day, December 27. The other highly appealing matches were distributed throughout the course: Bologna derby in the sixth, a week before the re-release of the last final played between Venice and Sassari while only one midweek round set on April 14th. The windows reserved for the national team for qualifying for international competitions have been scheduled for the weeks from November 23 to December 1 and from February 15 to 23.

The regular season will end on May 2nd and the playoffs, with an unchanged format, will begin 5 days later. All this of course with the hope of seeing the stadiums filled by the fans as soon as possible and above all that the health situation does not deteriorate drastically as to prevent the continuation of the season. Which today is not taken for granted, given the health situation at world and national level in Italy.