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Who wins LCS Spring 2021?

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LCS Spring 2021

LCS Spring 2021 is an amazing event coming this spring. Ten teams will participate in it where every team will play 18 matches in the group stage. In the playoffs, the top 6 will qualify for the Mid-Season Showdown. Then, the top 4 will start in the upper bracket. Whereas 5th and 6th will start in the lower bracket. After double elimination, all the matches will be Bo5, and the winner will qualify for the Mid-Season International 2021. Where it is obvious that the best of one will be the winner in the end.

The LCS Spring 2021 schedule tells an exciting story about the matches that the event is going to pack the spring. 100 Thieves, Cloud 9, CLG, Dignitas, Evil Geniuses, FlyQuest, Golden Guardians, Immortals, Team Liquid, and TSM are the teams that will compete for the number one position, as the LCS Spring 2021 schedule and event tell. According to the LCS Spring 2021 schedule, Los Angeles will be the venue where people from different nations of the world will participate in this game show. All playing for rank number one and the amount they are offered. 

The prize pool of this event is 200,000 US Dollars. Half of the amount will be showered to the number one team, who will win the event. Whereas $50,000 will be prized to the runner of the last match, the finalist. And 3rd and 4th ranking teams will get $25,000 each. 

In the power ranking of last year's spring, Team Liquid was kept on the first number. Cloud 9 was second in that list of power ranking according to most of the experts of the game. TSM was third, 100 Thieves fourth, Immortals fifth, Dignitas at number six, CLG at seven, FlyQuest at number eight, Evil Geniuses at nine, and Golden Guardians were kept last in the row. Whereas this year there is a little shuffle in the power ranking. According to widely followed members, 100 thieves ranks first in the list, Team Liquid second, FlyQuest third, Cloud 9 ranks fourth, Evil Geniuses ranks fifth, CLG sixth, Golden Guardians rank number seven, TSM eighth, Dignitas ninth, and Immortals tenth. But there are also experienced gamers who claim the power ranking of the 2020’s spring.  

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