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LCS Spring 2020 odds

Who wins LCS Spring 2020?

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2020 is all set to be a loaded year. If you have already started planning your spring activities, you should definitely include LCS Spring Playoffs 2020 in your plans. The Playoffs will wind down the 3rd year of North America’s fully professional League of Legends league under partnership (and 8th year of the league overall). The tournament will be organized by Riot Games and take place in the North American region.

What will lead to LCS Spring Playoffs 2020?

The Spring Season of 2020 League Championship Series will commence on 25th January, 2020. The group stage will feature a double round robin format in which 10 teams will participate. Every match will be a best of one and only the top 6 teams will get an opportunity to participate in the Playoffs. But wait… that’s not all as the top 2 teams will also receive a bye to the semifinals.


The top 6 teams from the Spring Season will qualify for LCS Spring Playoffs 2020. The Playoffs will boast a single elimination bracket with every match being a best of 5.

Quarter-finals will kick things off with the team at 3rd position squaring off against the team resting at 6th place. Similarly, the teams positioned at 4th and 5th spots will try to knock each other out of the tournament.

Once the quarter-finals have taken place, the top ranked team (from the Spring Season) will pick the quarter-final winner it wants to square off against in the semi-finals. The second match of the semi-finals will take place between the team at 2nd place and the quarter-final winner not picked by the top ranked team.

Winners from both semi-final matches will then collide in the finals.


Both teams participating in the finals as well as the team placed at 3rd position (the unsuccessful semifinalist with the best Spring Season finish) will qualify for Rift Rivals 2020.

How to Watch?

Make sure that you don’t miss even a single moment of this high-stakes tournament. The official Twitch channel of Riot Games and RiotGames 2 along with the official YouTube channel of LoL Esports and a few others will live stream the LCS Spring 2020 Playoffs.

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