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LLA 2022 Opening odds

LLA 2022 Opening - Winner

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Everything you need to know about LLA 2022 Opening

As the competitive season, the Latin American League of League of legends, LLA 2022 Opening is all set to kick off in a couple of weeks. In this article we will cover all the information you need to follow the best League of Legends action Latin America has to offer.

The LLA 2022 will start on 29th January, where eight teams will compete for supremacy in the hopes of lifting the title. We have listed the teams that have the best and the worst chance of lifting the title. We have ranked them from best to worst.

1. Infinity Esports

The top contender to lift the 2022 Opening title is none other than Infinity Esports. The teams has reigned supreme in the LLA in past year as the claimed the #1 spot in the Opening and Closing season. Owing to their remarkable performance they also represented the region in the Worlds  Championship. Now the team returns to the competitive landscape in the hopes of claiming the title once again.

2. Rainbow7

The next team to look out for 2022 is Rainbow7. The team did struggle in the 2021 season with 4th and 5th place finishes in the Opening and Closing season. Yet the team has revamped its roster with a mixture of young and experienced players and is tipped to give infinity a tough fight in 2022.

3. Estral Esports

The team reached the semifinals of the Closing season. They should be aiming to build on the success as they have managed to keep all their players for the 2022 season. It will be interesting to see their campaign yet we believe that they have the potential to make it to the grand finale.

4. All knights

The knights needed to revamp their roster after a disastrous 2021 Closing season. ANd now many believe that they hold one of the best rosters in the competition. Only time will tell if this theory is correct or not.

5. Isurus gaming

2021 was a bitter year for the Argentinian organization as they failed to make it to the knockout stage in the Opening season. Then they were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs in the Closing season. They have made some changes yet we don’t believe they have what it takes to be a solid contender for the title.

6. Xten Esports

Xten showed great performances in the promotion campaign. They hold talented stars and will produce some shocking results yet the team will likely struggle in the 2022 season.

7. Team Aze

Team Aze had a great promotion run now the team is set to make its mark in the Opening season. It is a tough ask for them since it will be their debut season yet we will have to wait and see how they will perform against the best teams in the region.

8. Global Emerald Team

The last team we have is GLobal Emerald. They showed solid performance in the 2021 season. Yet we believe that they don’t have the potential to stay for the Closing season. Since they team lacks experience and also don’t hold a solid lineup.