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LCK Spring Split 2019 odds

Who wins LCK Spring Split 2019?

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LCK Spring Split 2019

The 2019 LCK Spring Split will mark the debut of Riot Games as the sole producers of the LCK. The newly built LoL Park venue of Riot’s will also now be the new home for the LCK.

Set to begin on Jan. 16, the LCK Spring Split will take place for 10 weeks. With 45 broadcast days, the competition will conclude on March 31, with league playoffs to follow.

Unlike last summer, when the event ran six days a week in order to allow players to participate in the Asian Games of 2018, this year LCK will return to a five day schedule, which in March will be shorten to four. First introduced in the last summer, the LCK Spring Split will also no longer feature the three-match broadcast days.

LCK broadcast days will begin at 2am CT or 5pm KST, with the second match of the day scheduled for or 5am CT or 8pm KST.

Jin Air Green Wings and SK Telecom T1 will play in the LCK season opener, followed by a match between Gen.G and DAMWON Gaming. All 10 teams of LCK will play one another twice throughout the 10 week regular season.

The last tournament of 2018 was the KeSPA Cup, which also served as a sneak peek of the LCK teams heading into Spring. With the LCK rosters going through numerous tweaks, this KeSPA Cup was full of many interesting instances. DAMWON Gaming (the LCK rookies) gave quite an impressive performance; most surprising of all, Griffin won the trophy, shocking the League of Legends community. Griffin managed to win the KeSPA Cup without losing a single set and that too without almost no changes in their roster, just by working on improving their teamwork unlike other renowned teams that went through a huge rebuilding process.

Considering the performance display in the KeSPA Cup by the participating teams, a great number of fans are heatedly debating before the split has even arrived. The expectations for Griffin have been set high, due to their victory at the KeSPA Cup. While others are discussing how the other teams performed considerably below expectations, hoping that in the upcoming split the somewhat stagnant LCK meta will change.

2018 was full of desperation for the LCK teams; this upcoming Spring Split will be the first chance for them to win back their pride. They are undoubtedly getting a hearty amount of feedback - Will Griffin dominate the LCK just as they did in the KeSPA Cup? What are your expectations?  How will they perform after going through it all? The D-day countdown is now not that far away. I hope teams have had enough time to make necessary improvements to their performance.