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Booker Prize 2018

Who will get the Man Booker Prize 2018?

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The stage is set for the Booker Prize 2018 and the longlist is already out. The 2018 event is expected to be quite competitive and it has new surprises, for example, for the first time ever a graphic novel has been included in the Booker Prize longlist. The long list is full of newcomers and the established past Booker Prize winners who were eligible for this year’s event like Alan Hollinghurst, Julian Barnes and Peter Carey actually had no place in the longlist.

The book Sabrina by Nick Drnaso, a US writer, and illustrator has got many by surprise and the judges praised the work of Drnaso calling it oblique, subtle, minimal, and not manipulative. The judging panel is chaired by Kwame Anthony Appiah and the other members include Leo Robson, Val McDermid, Leanne Shapton, and Jacqueline Rose. Each judge had a word to say about the book Sabrina. The only long-established name that made to the long list of the Booker Prize 2018 is Michael Ondaatje. Mr. Michael won the prize in 1992 with the book The English Patient and he comes back this year with the book Warlight.

The longlist for this year’s event was released on 24th July 2018, the shortlist is expected to be released on 20th September 2018 and the winner shall be announced on 16th October 2018. With the majority of the past winners not included in the longlist, a newcomer is expected to win this year’s competition. However, this does not mean that Michael Ondaatje is out, he can still win the prize.