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Skijumping team 2018 Olympics Odds

Ski jumping at the 2018 Winter Olympics – Who will win Men's large hill team?

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Ski jumping at the 2018 Winter Olympics and men's large hill team

When large hill team takes places during the Winter Olympics of 2018, it will be on February 19. It's a given that it will be one of the most popular events during OS in Pyeongchang in South Korea. Even though ski jumping didn't become an Olympic event until 1924. This isn't especially strange since ski jumping really does combines very high speeds with extreme demands for precision. That's why the spectators are always excited to see how this year troupe will be able to perform then the pressure is on.

Men's team event will take place in large hill. This means that the construction point must always be above 100 meters, while the hill size can be no less than 110 meters. What makes men's large hill team unique is mainly that the countries themselves are competing. But there are of course the individual athletes that need to perform. So it's not possible to make a prognosis on men's large hill team without looking at each and every skier.

Every team has a total of four skier with skis that must have a length of at least 250 cm. They must jump in a matter than is as stylish and far reaching as possible. In order for a jump to be considered acceptable, a jumper must land in a specially marked zone. With two opportunities to jump, there's a limited chance of being able to adjust the jumping technique. As an enormously popular event, ski jumping traditionally has a very high number of spectators. The combination of style and skill seems to be hard to beat.