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Last person to appear on the In Memorian sequence?

In one of the most emotional moments of every Oscar ceremony, the producers usually have a “In memoriam sequence”, where they pay respect to some of the names in the movie business that left us in the past 12 months. The names included on this list usually highlight the names that are lost in the year of the Award show as well. 2017 list consisted of about 40 personnel that helped shape the movie industry in the past and deserved the praise from the Academy.

The chronicle of the in memoriam sequence is usually set alphabetically or the month of their passing. 2017 already took some huge names in the movie business and we think of some names that will be honored at them for the time being. Some of the personnel that passed away were pretty influential and might feature in a more prominent honor.

Sir Roger Moore is probably the greatest actor that left us in 2017 and his name might be the one saved for last. In 2016 we also lost many great names, but Star Wars star Carrie Fisher was the last one to get her tribute. Roger Moore passed away in May and left us with great work, consisting of his performances as James Bond in several movies.

At the very top of the influential list of people presented in this movie, Rocky director and Oscar winner John Avildsen passed away in June. He contributed to Hollywood cinema throughout a forthy year period so he is expected to also enjoy a lot of praise from fellow colleagues.

One of the first Batman performances came from Adam West, funny and talented actor from Washington. Adam West committed himself to voice over roles in recent years, focusing on the fictional version on himself in Family Guy. His achievement in the Batman series, but also the movie left a huge mark on the superhero genre and his performances are very happily seen even today.

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