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RLCS Season 6 odds

Who wins the RLCS Season 6 - Finals?

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RLCS Season 6 – Finals

The Rocket League Championship Series (abbreviated RLCS) is a Rocket League tournament which is produced by the game’s developer known as Psyonix, which comprises qualification rounds in Europe and North America and ends in a 10-team playoff bracket. All qualification rounds are played in the tournament as an online round-robin, and the finals are set in different cities, the most recent event being held in London at the 5th season’s end in 2018.

The developer of the game had observed that popularity of Rocket League Matches on the live streaming platform, including, has been increased continuously, and were searching for using the game in eSports by Feb 2016. Psyonic announced the first RLC series in March 2016 and the final took place in August 2016 with the massive prize pool of $55,000.

For this season, Psyonix has doubled the prize tool to an astounding $1 Million, promising high stakes and more excitement and buzz around the competition of Rocket League. While several top teams remain intact, an off-season saw lots of teams shuffle their rosters and promote promising rival series players in order to attempt and gain an edge after underwhelming outcomes the last time around.

The final of the 6th season of RLC Series will be hosted on November 9th to 11th. Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, the United States of America will be the venue for this exciting tournament. The number of teams remained unmodified, and ten teams from North America, Europe, and Oceania will participate in the distribution of the prize pool.

The organizers haven’t built complex plans as usual. All teams will play in a Double Elimination bracket. Except for elimination matches and the grand finale, all matches will be run in a Best of 5 (Bo5) format. All matches, after which teams are eliminated from the tournament, and the final game will be played in a Best of 7 (Bo7) format.

The massive prize pool of the final will amount $500,000, and the winner who earns the title of champion at the end of the competition will receive a huge money prize in the sum of $200,000. After that, the vice-champion of the tournament will win prize money in the sum of $120,000, while the bronze medalist will successfully make $60,000 prize. The team that stands in the 4th position will earn $30,000. The teams that place 5th-6th will receive $20,000, 7th-8th will win $15,000. And 9th-10th will make 10,000, respectively.

The tournament’s administrators and analysts will determine the professional and best player of each gaming day and the most valuable player of the event will be determined at the tournament’s end, and he will receive some extra $5,000 money reward.

Dignitas, We Dem Girlz, Flipsid3 Tactics, PSG eSports, NRG eSports, G2 eSports, Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, Tainted Minds, and Chiefs are ten confirmed teams who are going to partake in the tournament to compete against each other in different matches to show off their skills and abilities.


  • Double Elimination.
  • Bo5 (Best of 5) and Bo7 (Best of 7) matches.

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