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German Masters odds

German Masters

Who wins German Masters 2022?

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German Masters 2022

Did you know, the word ‘snooker’ is a slang military term referring to someone inexperienced? It was associated with the game when Chamberlain called an opponent a ‘snooker’ after he missed a pot. Quite interesting, right? If you are a snooker lover, this quick fact will be one of the best things you will hear today. Snooker is undoubtedly one of the most elegant games that require extensive skills and massive patience. Every year, hundreds of tournaments are organized among the top players of the world. One of such events is the upcoming professional ranking snooker tournament German Masters 2022. 

About the event:

German Masters 2022 is one of the most anticipating snooker events. It will take place from 26th to 30th of January 2022 in the Tempodrom in Berlin. It is the ninth-ranking tournament of the 2021-22 snooker season and will be the 16th edition of German Masters, as the first-ever German Masters was held in 1995. The qualifying rounds of this exciting event will start on October 18th and will end on the 26th of the same month. The event is starting with a prize fund of £400,000, from which £80,000 will be given to the winner. 

Who will qualify?

Well, to qualify for the later stages of the tournament, a player must win two qualifying matches at least. Surprisingly, the format of the qualifiers is quite different from previous events. Three sessions will be played each day. The first and last sessions will cover first-round matches, while the afternoon session will cover the second-round matches. The electrifying experience can make each game equally exciting, and no matter who is going to reach Berlin, every game will be worth watching! 

What is the hype? 

If you are a true snooker enthusiast, you will surely understand the hype, it is real! The reason is that this tournament will bring along all the snooker champions together. For example, Judd Trump, who has won the even two times consecutively, will face Tian Pengfei in the opening round. Ronnie O’Sullivan, whom we all know will be up against Hossein Vafaei, while the World Champion Mark Selby will meet Ross Muir in the opening games of the tournament. Another interesting fact related to the German Masters 2022 is that Peter and Liver Lines (father and son) will be facing each other in the event if they both win their initial games. Quite a family match, isn’t it?


So, just after almost a month, the platform will be ready with some of the top-class snooker players from around the world, playing against each other! Some games would be one-sided while most of them would really be quite competitive. However just like every previous German Master snooker tournament, the fans are again expecting thrilling competition.

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