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ACB odds – Get the Best Odds at Liga ACB

Who wins the Liga ACB 2020/2021?

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Liga ACB 2020/2021

There is already a final decision on the chaos caused by the number of clubs that would be part of the Liga Endesa or ACB (aka Spanish Basketball League) next season.

After the express final and all the measures taken for the different categories of Spanish basketball (due to the coronavirus crisis) the ACB has decided that 18 teams will play the title in 2020/2021.

The ACB has argued the decision made by its General Assembly and it will defend the rights of its associated clubs.

The Spanish Basketball Federation (Spanish: Federación Española de Baloncesto, FEB) has also issued an statement in which it declares that "it definitely values the effort made in recent weeks by all the parties involved in the search for future solutions for Spanish basketball."

"Throughout the meetings held as a consequence of the alterations that the Covid-19 crisis has brought about for all competitions, the Higher Sports Council (Spanish: Consejo Superior de deportes) has shown its leadership and has put on the table some of the future issues that must be approached so that our sport finds the horizon of development and stability essential for the growth of all the agents involved in it, "continues the official statement.

Finally, they refer to "the non-registration of Delteco GBC as a member of the highest category of Spanish basketball in the 2020/2021 season". From the Spanish Basketball Federation, they understand that "it is a conflict that exceeds their competences, and it is not their responsibility to assess the concrete fulfilment of the requirements demanded by the ACB to become part of its competition."

The FEB had proposed the team Delteco Gipuzkoa Basket to ascend to the Liga Endesa along with Carramimbre Valladolid, for being second and first, respectively, of the LEB Oro (Liga Española de Baloncesto) until the suspension of the tournament due to the pandemic. The FEB understood that sanitary measures could not be guaranteed for carrying out a promotion phase with the first eight teams (which was the other alternative on the table) after deciding to end the competitions without relegations.

The 31st of July, a day after the Superior Sports Council, the ACB and Spanish Basketball Federation terminated their negotiations without finding a solution to pursue the promotion of Gipuzkoa Basket to the highest category, the Basque club has appealed to the courts.

The Gipuzkoa Basket delivered that Friday at the ACB headquarters a judicial order in which the precautionary measure requested by the Basque team is estimated and "the obligation is imposed" to register the team "immediately" in the next Endesa League .

Basketball return

Basketball returned the 23rd of July in a hurried final held in Valencia, in La Fonteta, from which the team TD Systems Baskonia came out as the brand-new winner. The date on which the new course will begin is already revealed. The 12th and 13th of September the Spanish Super Cup of basketball will take place. Baskonia, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Iberostar Tenerife will be the ones fighting for the title. Just a few days later, from 18th to 20th the Endesa 2020/2021 League will commence.