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Spanish basketball league Odds

Who wins the Spanish basketball league 2017/2018?

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Spanish ACB league 2017/2018 – Can anyone stop Kings from Madrid!?

Spanish ACB league is one of the best leagues in Europe with most teams in strongest European competition Turkish Airlines Euroleage (5 teams). When we talk about quality of the Spanish ACB league that pretty much says everything. Liga ACB is contested by 17 teams, with the two lowest-placed teams relegated to the LEB Oro and replaced by the top team in that division plus the winner of the playoffs.

The competition format follows the usual double round-robin format. Each club plays every other club twice, once at home and once away, for a total of 32 games. After regular season league proceed to playoffs.
Before we even start to analyze which team has the best chances for winning next campaign we need to now which teams are in main focus.
No doubt, two most famous teams and teams with most champions titles are Real Madrid and Barcelona.  But also, focus must be on other teams like Valencia, Baskonia and Unicaja.

At the end of this short informations about ACB league, the top teams in Liga ACB qualify for the EuroLeague and the EuroCup. Baskonia, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid directly enter the EuroLeague as licensed clubs. The first placed team (not counting licensed clubs) play in the EuroLeague. If the EuroCup champion is from Liga ACB, the EuroCup champion will play in the EuroLeague instead of first placed team that would play the EuroCup. Teams placed second, third and fourth (not counting licensed clubs) play in the EuroCup.

Now, lets talk about about best teams and what to expect in season to come.

Real Madrid

Despite the playoffs final result in 2016/2017 against Valencia, Real Madrid is currently best team in Spain. Through history they won 33 titles in domestic championship. They are back to back champions so we can expect them to continue domination through next season.
They  finished regular leason in 1st place in ACB league with only 7 loses , also they finished  1st  in Turkish Airlines Euroleague regular season and qualified for Final 4 in Istambul, where they lost from the host Fenerbahçe.
When it comes to players, Sergio Llul (Point guard / Shooting guard) is team best player and MVP of 2016/17 Euroleague.   He has been known for his long-distance 3 point shooting, and clutch shots. Llull averaged a PIR (Performance index rating) of 16.8 in the EuroLeague, during the 2016–17 season.
We can not forget eighteen years old wunderkind Luka Doncic. He is considered one of the most promising young talents of European basketball, and one of the best international players of his generation. With Sergio Llul and Rudy Fernadez, Real Madrid are top contenders for trophy. With this kind of players, It’s hard to imagine that Real Madrid would not win ACB league.

FC Barcelona

Great team through history but in recent years they struggle. They didn’t play finals of ACB league, they didn’t even qualified in Top 8 in Euroleague. Because of the bad season, club menagement decided to sack team coach Bartzokas and players Perperoglou, Oleson, Dieng, Renfroe and Faverani. The club icon and veteran Juan Carlos Navarro will be in main focus with newcomers through next season try to put their club in right tracks.
There are going to be big changes in team Barcelona if they want to get back to glory roads, even though, they are still top contender for league title.


Great season for Valencia, despite result in finals against Real Madrid, Valencia is on fire. In regular season they finished in 3rd place and also lost in Eurocup final against Unicaja. Through playoffs the sweeped Barcelona and Baskonia, two Euroleagues teams. Bojan Dubljevic is top pointer and rebounder in the team with San – Ementerio they look like well oiled machine. Coach Martinez did great job assembling team of experienced players. It will be hard for Valencia to save this team, but will see what they can do next season in ACB league and Euroleague also.


The high paid team with couple of ex NBA players in their team, managed to get to the semi final of ACB league where they lost over Valencia. Also they finished 7th in Euroleague. In next season we can’t expect nothing less then the same level of fire, shoot and run attacking style of play and also many fastbrake points from Shane Larkin and Jaka Blazic. For new season they singed Janis Timma from Zenit also re-signed 26-year old Georgian forward Tornike Shengelia (206-100kg-91) to a new three-year deal. With so much money in their budget we can easly see them highly placed in all competitions next season with pretty big names in their roster.


Since they won Eurocup, for Unicaja it’s first title of any kind since lifting the Spanish League trophy in 2006. Malaga native Alberto Diaz truly represented the heart and soul of Unicaja, because of that he is chosen for MVP of EuroCup Finals. Next season if they manage to hold this great team, they can easily surprise much bigger teams. But it will be hard stand up against much richer teams. There are many teams who would like to sing explosive pointguard Nemanja Nedovic or Jamar Smith in their team. For me, If there is team which can make a great surprise, for sure it’s Unicaja Malaga.