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SSL odds – Get the Best Odds at Swedish Super League

Who wins the Swedish floorball league 2020/2021?

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Svenska Superligan is the highest band in Sweden for men. The series was formerly Elitserien in the band , but it changed name for Svenska Superligan for the 2007/2008 season. Elitserien started playing 1995/1996 and was called before Division 1 in the band . The first season of national series was the 1989/1990 season. Most Swedish masters are IBK Lockerud and Storvreta IBK, who have won five times each. Split two with four wins each is Warberg IC 85 , 1998, 2005, 2007 and 2008, and IBF Falun . Trea is Kolarbyn's IBS, which has won three times as wellHaninge IBK and Balrog IK.

The season starts with the normal league, where all teams compete against each other twice. Since the season 2016/17, there is still a conference system , whereby the northernmost and the southernmost seven teams before the return matches ever play against each other. Thus, 32 games are played each season. After that, the eight best teams in the league play-offs (Best-of-5). Only the final is a single playoff game played in the Stockholm Globe Arena . In addition to the championship is also a trophy, the League Cups , played out.

Helsingborg is already looking forward to the coming season. The scouts announced via their website that Isac Lindblad is ready for the club for the 2018/2019 season. Isac Lindblad started his career in Visby IBK and has been in the Riksinnebandygymnasiet in Umeå for the last three years.

“My expectations are high, it will be fun to get into the team and play matches in the world's best league. I hope to help FCH take the next step in the future and to really fight the medals. “

Sport manager Fredrik Azelius about Isac: We are incredibly happy that Isac has chosen to play in FC Helsingborg next season. Isac is an incredibly talented player who will grow into a very good SSL player in the future. His qualities are in the offensive game. Isac likes to fill both with and without the ball. His length is also a plus.

Kevin Björkström , born 1989 as the last two seasons has played in Karlstad IBF is ready for play in FBC Kalmarsund until the 2018/2019 season.

Kevin has made a total of 176 points in the last four seasons, of which three in SSL.

The contract between FBC Kalmarsund and Kevin Björkström applies over two seasons.

"In Kevin we get into an important lead type, team player and scoring machine that will be very important to us as a newcomer," says Adam Kallenberg, chief coach at FBC Kalmarsund.

"We are extremely proud that a player of Kevin's caliber chooses FBC Kalmarsund and believes in the commitment we make to establish in the long-term Swedish Super League," said Per Viberg, club manager at FBC Kalmarsund.

"There are few players on the market in Kevin's caliber without a contract. Kevin is probably the most sought after player on the market right now, Viberg continues.