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Swiss hockey league odds

Swiss hockey league odds

Who wins Swiss hockey league 2018?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Hc Lugano1.671.67
Zsc Lions2.152.15

Swiss hockey league (National League A)

National League A is one of the younger leagues in Europe. Founded in 1999, it features 12 teams and is the top Swiss Hockey League tier. It is one of the most popular European leagues with an average attendance of close to 7000 fans per game.

After a 50 game season the top 8 teams compete in the playoffs, while the remaining 4 play in a consolation series called the playouts. SC Bern, one of the historically more dominant teams, was the playoff champion this past season and is looking to continue their strong success in the upcoming 2017-2018 calendar. Their top sniper, US born Mark Arcobello was a huge part of their success with 55 pts in 50 games.

2016/2017 Interesting Facts (source:

The youngest player in the league is Swiss born Nando Eggenberger at 17 years of age

The Oldest player in the league is Swiss born Martin Gerber at 42 years of age

The shortest player in the league is US born Nathan Gerbe  at 165 cm

The tallest player in the league is Finland born Niko Hovinen at 201 cm