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Tre Valli Varesine odds

Tre Valli Varesine 2023 will be held 3 October 2023.

Who wins Tre Valli Varesine 2023?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Tadej Pogacar2.752.75
Primož Roglic5.005.00
Adam Yates8.008.00
Alex Aranburu21.0021.00
Ben Healy23.0023.00
Tiesj Benoot23.0023.00
Andreas Kron26.0026.00
Benoît Cosnefroy34.0034.00
Davide Formolo34.0034.00
Diego Ulissi34.0034.00
Julian Alaphilippe34.0034.00
Maxim Van Gils34.0034.00
Richard Carapaz34.0034.00
Michael Matthews41.0041.00
Andrea Vendrame51.0051.00
Attila Valter51.0051.00
Enric Mas Nicolau51.0051.00
Jan Tratnik51.0051.00
Pavel Sivakov51.0051.00
Romain Grégoire51.0051.00
Simon Yates51.0051.00
Valentin Madouas51.0051.00
Dylan Teuns67.0067.00
Giulio Ciccone67.0067.00
Simone Velasco67.0067.00
Victor Lafay67.0067.00
Vincenzo Albanese67.0067.00
Aleksandr Vlasov81.0081.00
Jay Vine81.0081.00
Michael Woods81.0081.00
Sergio Higuita81.0081.00
Wilco Kelderman81.0081.00
Carlos Rodríguez101.00101.00
Gonzalo Serrano101.00101.00
Ilan Van Wilder101.00101.00
Lorenzo Rota101.00101.00
Jesús Herrada126.00126.00
Mauri Vansevenant126.00126.00
Rui Costa126.00126.00
Axel Laurance151.00151.00
Jon Izagirre151.00151.00
Krists Neilands151.00151.00
Lennert Van Eetvelt151.00151.00
Lenny Martinez151.00151.00
Mikkel Frølich Honoré151.00151.00
Romain Bardet151.00151.00
Stephen Williams151.00151.00
Warren Barguil151.00151.00
Vauquelin, Kevin151.00151.00
Bauke Mollema201.00201.00
Clément Champoussin201.00201.00
Jai Hindley201.00201.00
Lennard Kämna201.00201.00
Quentin Pacher201.00201.00
Rigoberto Urán201.00201.00
Samuele Battistella201.00201.00
Benjamin Turner251.00251.00
Carlos Verona251.00251.00
Filippo Zana251.00251.00
Kevin Vermaerke251.00251.00
Louis Meintjes251.00251.00
Milan Vader251.00251.00
Domenico Pozzovivo301.00301.00
Gregor Mühlberger301.00301.00
Jakob Fuglsang301.00301.00
Lorenzo Fortunato301.00301.00
Matteo Sobrero301.00301.00
Natnael Tesfatsion301.00301.00
Nicholas Schultz301.00301.00
Rafal Majka301.00301.00
Rudy Molard301.00301.00
Thibaut Pinot301.00301.00
Alexis Vuillermoz401.00401.00
Esteban Chaves401.00401.00
Gianluca Brambilla401.00401.00
Guillaume Martin401.00401.00
Jan Hirt401.00401.00
Juan Pedro López401.00401.00
Karel Vacek401.00401.00
Michele Gazzoli401.00401.00
Patrick Konrad401.00401.00
Paul Ourselin401.00401.00
Pierre-Roger Latour401.00401.00
Piganzoli, Davide401.00401.00
Valentin Ferron401.00401.00
Alessandro Fedeli501.00501.00
Andrea Piccolo501.00501.00
Charlie Quarterman501.00501.00
Emanuel Buchmann501.00501.00
Ewen Costiou501.00501.00
Gianni Moscon501.00501.00
Junior Lecerf, William501.00501.00
Louis Vervaeke501.00501.00
Mark Donovan501.00501.00
Quinten Hermans501.00501.00
Seán Quinn501.00501.00
Simon Geschke501.00501.00
Steven Kruijswijk501.00501.00
Thymen Arensman501.00501.00
Walter Calzoni501.00501.00
David De La Cruz601.00601.00
Harold Tejada601.00601.00
James Knox601.00601.00
José Joaquín Rojas601.00601.00
Óscar Rodríguez801.00801.00
Alessandro Verre801.00801.00
Bastien Tronchon801.00801.00
Ben Swift801.00801.00
Brandon Smith Rivera Vargas801.00801.00
Chris Hamilton801.00801.00
Dimitri Peyskens801.00801.00
Eduardo Sepúlveda801.00801.00
Erik Fetter801.00801.00
Florian Lipowitz801.00801.00
Harm Vanhoucke801.00801.00
Kristian Sbaragli801.00801.00
Larry Warbasse801.00801.00
Mattéo Vercher801.00801.00
Niccolò Bonifazio801.00801.00
Paul Lapeira801.00801.00
Rubén Fernández801.00801.00
Sylvain Moniquet801.00801.00
Dario Cataldo1001.001001.00
Julien Bérard1001.001001.00
Simone Petilli1001.001001.00

Tre Valli Varesine

The Tre Valli Varesine is a semi classic European bicycle race held in Varese, Italy. Since 2005, the race has been organized as a 1.HC event on the UCI Europe Tour.

It is usually the first and most important race of Trittico Lombardo, which consists of three races held around the region of Lombardy on three consecutive days. These races are Tre Valli Varesine, Coppa Ugo Agostoni and Coppa Bernocchi.

Tre Valli Varesine might not look like much, but this is a really difficult race. After a gentle start, cyclists hit the lap circuit after 82km, where they spend the next 130km of the day. The initial lap circuit features a fast descent and two climbs, with the speed increasing throughout the day. Put simply, there is nowhere to hide in the circuit!

Last year, the organizers decided to slightly change the finish of the race, by introducing a longer lap near the end of the race. The final two laps are 21.29km in length, compared to 12.9km in the shorter lap. The Montello climb is 1150m at 6.5% and had a maximum of 10%. The new addition to the race last year was the Morosolo climb, which is 4.6km at 4.8%, but that includes a descent, the beginning of the climb is the hard bit.

1.6km at 8% is a climb which will test the sprinters and will provide the punchers with a lot of hope. The organizers are hoping that this provides a launch pad for the climbers. The climb is narrow and new for the vast majority of riders. Once over the top of the difficult section, we still have 8km left in the race.

After a short descent, we have another little kicker for the riders to deal with. The climbing is all done with 4km remaining and the final kilometer is the same as in previous years.


Circuit racing usually follows a set plan. Each lap sees the pace increase and the closing 30km usually features many attacks. Teams continually want to have a man in the move, allowing their other riders the chance to hide in the pack.

Being a new finishing circuit, we will probably see a more defensive race. Most teams will be happy to have all the action in the final lap. The top of the Montello climb is too far out for a move to survive, meaning the moves will go on the new climb, but cresting with 4km remaining does mean we have a chance of a small sprint.