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Walker Cup odds – Get the Best Odds at Walker Cup

Who wins Walker Cup 2021?

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The Walker Cup 2021

The 47th edition of Walker Cup also known as the Walker Cup Match was over this Sunday, once again the American team defeated the British and Ireland team. The American side made a comeback as the British and Ireland side was winning the tournament on the first day, but the American side came from behind and managed to extend their winning streak, the American side finished 15 1/2 while the British and Ireland side finished 10 1/2. On Saturday morning foursomes match, both the teams finished at 2, 2 points and after afternoon singles same day, the GB&I team finished at 7 points while the American side finished at 5 points, next day, after Sunday morning matches, the American side was still behind and the GB&I team was looking in good position to win the Walker Cup as they were still one point ahead of the Americans. But after the Sunday Singles, the American side was a clear winner as they only lost 2 singles matches and won 8. This tournament took place on seven and eight of September at Royal Liverpool Golf Club, England. This tournament takes place biennially, every odd year and it is organized by USGA and R&A where top amateurs of both the sides take place in the tournament.

Craig Watson was a non-playing captain of the GB and Ireland team and the world number two amateur Conor Gough, was the main player of this team. The American side was captained by Nathaniel Crosby and world number one Cole Hammer was their main player.

The 2021 edition will be held in May in Seminole Golf Club, Florida, USA. It looks America is going to win it again as they will have a home course advantage plus the morale boost with this comeback victory of 2019, and The GB&I teams' bad performance on the sloping and fast greens like Americans amateurs almost always struggle on the links golf course. No doubt, the GB&I team can practice for all these hurdles and can induct the new players for the next editions but apparently, it seems difficult as May is start of golfing season in Europe while the American golfing season starts in March, so American side has more time to be prepared for the home-town challenge while the GB&I team will be making a warm-up, by almost every aspect it looks that the US team will remain dominant until 2023 when Walker Cup will be held in Cyprus where the GB&I side could break Americans winning streak. The British and Ireland non-playing captain; Craig Watson, mentioned almost all these points and stated this could affect the outcomes of the match so it is better if dates are changed, it will make Walker Cup more competitive and eliminate all doubts of golfing community regarding favoritism.