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Way Too Early… NBA 2022-2023 Season Outlook

Though the NBA season is still ongoing and an NBA champion has yet to be announced, we NBA geeks love looking forward and seeing how the next season will be different than the previous. Lots of drama has built up the past season and lots of player and coach movement will occur. Let’s look at what transactions may occur this offseason and those that have already occurred. 

Not only is the following information interesting, but it can also help you place future bets easier. Whether you are looking for Vegas NFL odds, NBA odds, or any sport, understanding how teams change over the off-season is key to placing strong bets. This offseason, no matter if you are looking for information in BetUS or you find it on sports news, you will find bets where the following information may help you. 


Who Is Coaching Where? 


Mike Brown - New Head Coach of the Sacramento Kings


After the Kings began the season with 6 wins and 11 losses, they decided to fire current head coach Luke Walton and make Alvin Gentry the new interim head coach. Alvin Gentry led the young and developing King's core to a 24-41 season, they chose to part ways with him. The Kings looked to hire an experienced, defensive-minded head coach. 


The Kings ultimately chose Mike Brown. Mike Brown fit the cookie-cutter mold that the Kings desired. He had experience coaching from his 3 years as an assistant coach for the Spurs, 2 years as an assistant coach for the Pacers, 6 years as a head coach of the Cavaliers, and finally 6 years as assistant coach of the Warriors. Mike Brown is a great fit for the Kings and will make a lasting impact, similar to what he did after helping turn the lottery Warriors into a championship-level squad. 


Darvin Ham - New Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers


After the 2020-2021 NBA season, the Lakers decided they needed a big change to make a deep run in the playoffs. They added Russell Westbrook, Malik Monk, and Carmelo Anthony however in the 2021-2022 season they failed to make the playoffs. They had lots of internal issues and leadership issues that eventually led to the demise of the team. Interestingly enough, BetUS had the Lakers between the favorites  to win the 2021-2022 NBA title at the beginning of the season. Obviously, that did not come to fruition. The Lakers decided to move on from head coach Frank Vogel and onto Darvin Ham. 


Darvin Ham was the lead assistant head coach for the Milwaukee Bucks during their championship season. He had experience leading a team deep into the playoffs which is exactly what the Lakers need. Their squad is developed to win now so an experienced head coach for the next 4 years is perfect. 


James Borrego and Hornets - Future Unknown


James Borrego was relieved of his head coaching duties by the Charlotte Hornets on April 22th, 2022 after the Hornets missed the playoffs for four seasons under his leadership. The Hornets are still actively searching for their head coach of the future and Borrego is still searching for a new coaching gig. The Hornets have a great amount of young talent with Ball, Bridges, and Rozier so they must take advantage of that. 


Who is Playing Where?


This 2022-2023 off-season will be mired in many star-studded movements and new contracts. Some of the biggest-name free agents this year include Zach Lavine, Bradley Beal, Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook, John Wall, James Harden, and many others. 


Zach Lavine


When the Bulls were healthy this season, they were one of the most electric teams in the entire NBA. However, after several COVID issues and injuries to Lonzo, Caruso, and others… the Bulls never seemed to catch their stride again. Now that Zach Lavine is a free agent, he must ask himself whether he still sees the promise in the Bulls that was once there or should he move teams where he could get paid more or win now. 


Rumors are flying around about him going to Portland or the Los Angeles Lakers. However, rumors are rumors and nothing is known until it happens. Zach Lavine is a tremendous player and will help any organization he plays on to succeed. However, I think Zach Lavine will elect to stay with the Bulls for at least another season and take his chances with Derozan and co. 


Bradley Beal


The Wizards have failed to make a deep run in the playoffs and have not won a championship since 1978. University of Florida graduate Bradley Beal was drafted in 2012 by the Wizards and has played there since. Beal has made the playoffs 5 times in his 10-year career with the Wizards but has never had any true success. 


Now that Beal is a free agent, is he finally sick of all the losses? As a 28-year-old on the precipice of his career, he may look to win now. However, I think the Washington native will stay in Washington. Beal was meant for the Wizards and has grown in love with this franchise too much to move squads. 


Russell Westbrook


After Westbrook was acquired after the 2020-2021 NBA season, the Lakers failed to make the playoffs despite having LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The Lakers and Westbrook have already come to the understanding that they want to move on from each other. The fit was not right and neither enjoyed the other’s company. 


Now where is Westbrook going and what is he valued at? The Lakers have come out and claimed that they will not use a first-round pick to trade alongside him. There are rumors rising of a Westbrook for John Wall type trade. Westbrook for Kyrie Irving has arisen. But I believe that Westbrook will be a future Pacer in a trade centering Malcolm Brogdon, Myles Turner, or Buddy Hield. 




The 2022-2023 NBA offseason will be one full of thrills and question marks. So many players may resign or move teams and so many coaches will be coaching new teams. It will be truly exciting to see how this offseason plays out and how the standings look next season.