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Money in the Bank Odds

Who wins the Money in the Bank (2022)?

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Money in the Bank (2021)

Dickies Arena, Texas, will present WWE Money in the Bank PPV event on July 18, 2021. There is exciting news for the fans as they will be a part of the show this time. WWE has missed their fans due to COVID for almost two years. So, the Money in the Bank live tour is the most awaited tour. The PPV event is delayed as the company's chairman Vince McMahon wants it to be a live show.  

The Money in the Bank PPV event usually has two ladders matches: one for men and the other for women, having eight or six competitors for each match. Let's see what WWE has to offer to their fans at the PPV event this year. The fights aren't decided yet, but here are five of the expected matches at Money in the Bank PPV.

1. WWE Universal Championship match: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Rey Mysterio  

The heat between the two has been on top. Roman Reigns defeated Mysterio at hell in the Cell. It was an easy win over Mysterio. Roman has been the champion for a long time, and it seems like his era will end soon. However, no prominent challenger WWE has who can step up and fight him; and run the company just like he is doing. So, the prediction goes in the direction of Rey Mysterio again as he got the beating after when Roman won the match. The big dog is dominating everyone in the company.

2. WWE Championships Match: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

Here we have a new champion, Bobby Lashley; he defeated Drew McIntyre at Hell in the Cell. Kofi Kingston on Raw challenged him to fight for the championship match as he defeated Lashley previously. He received a "Yes" from Lashley too. This match is going to be a good pick for the live event.

3. Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair: WWE Raw Women's Championship Match 

The rivalry between these two isn't a new one. Both competitors don't like each other and had a history of wins and losses against each other. Charlotte is a great competitor in the women's division, and Ripley is famous for her furious attitude. The match is great if WWE can manage to bring both of them on the table again. The last fight between these two at Hell in the Cell ends with Ripley's disqualification. At Money in the bank, the fight between these two is highly expected.

4. Men's Ladder Match

There are no clear contestants for the ladder match. However, John Morrison, Ricochet, and AJ Styles have successfully managed to win over their competitors to seal the deal. The other spots are to be decided. We will have clear contenders before the event, for sure.

5. Women's Ladder Match

We have already got four contenders for the women's Money in the Bank Ladder match, including Asuka, Naomi, Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross. Four more are yet to be decided. It will be a fun match as big names are competing with each other for the Contract that can create an opportunity to bring them the championship belt.