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Allsvenskan odds – Get the Best Odds at Allsvenskan

Swedish Allsvenskan

Who wins the Allsvenskan 2020?

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Odds on Allsvenskan (everything you need to know)

Being one of the oldest leagues in the world, the Swedish Allsvenskan professional football league has endured the test of time. Allsvenskan was founded in 1924 and is the foremost competition in the Swedish football league system.

UEFA Coefficients – the statistics that rank teams in the club and international competitions – rates the Allsvenskan league as 20th in Europe. This ranking is based on the performances of the teams from the Allsvenskan, in European competitions within the last five years.

Normally, the Allsvenskan season runs every year from April to October. But due to the delay caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the season is set to begin in June 14th. The starting date can be postponed depending on what the Swedish health institute says.

Similarities and differences between the Allsvenskan and Europe’s Top Flight Leagues

Like most of the top-flight football leagues in Europe, the Allsvenskan operates on a system of relegation and promotion. They do this exchange with the Superettan – which is the second-highest league in Swedish men’s football.

But unlike most leagues in Europe, the Allsvenskan has not had a break for a run of 94 seasons. This is because the league was uninterrupted during World War II. Another angle it differs from the top flight leagues in Europe is that it operates a relatively smaller number of clubs – just 16 a season.

The clubs in the Allsvenskan

The teams in the Allsvenskan usually have a massive following locally, pulling thousands of fans for the league matches. As a result, most of the teams can capitalize on their popularity to develop their brand merchandise. This, in turn, helps them to attract better players and build amazing stadiums.

Swedish teams in the Allsvenskan are generally recognised by three letters. For instance DIF for Djurgårdens IdrottsFörening, AIK for Allmäna IdrottsKlubben, and HIF for Hammarby IdrottsFörening.

Who will win the 2020 Allsvenskan Season?

Some of the most well-known clubs in Swedish football with considerable following include Djurgårdens IF, Hammarby IF, and Malmö FF – which, until recently, was the most dominant team in the league.

Malmö FF has overwhelmingly been the favorites to win the league. That is if you consider their unprecedented championship record, having won the title 23 times – the highest in the league’s history. But this time around, it is quite trickier to predict.

Considering the rise in the performances of other clubs in recent times, particularly Djurgårdens IF – who are the current champions and are touted to be the best club in the country (by their fans) – this season is already poised to be entertaining for the neutrals, competitive for the teams, and hard to predict for the betting faithful.

Which is your favourite team? Who do you think would emerge victorious by the end of the season?