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All the Champions League Bets and Predictions you need!

If there is one thing we all missed when the European lockdown was called, it was definitely the Champions League.  As the end of the titan games of football returned to our TV screens, with mostly empty grounds, we rejoiced to have something so big to look forward to. The final two made it to the very end whilst sweating away the looming pandemic thoughts, yet still Bayren Munich took the title home, after a massive win against Paris St. Germaine. The win secured Bayern their 6th Champions League title and a prestigious entry to the League’s hall of fame. The dream of all dreams was sealed by Bayern, and just for a moment wayback in June 2020, we were all Bayern supporters, just for a night.

The 2020-2021 season will bring new hope and more football betting on elite teams. Today we bring you some of the contenders to taking home the new season’s cup. In a day and age where we just feel lucky enough to watch a minimum of 1 game a match, football keeps us going, smiling and hoping for better wins. Click here for the list with most trusted bookmakers online.

Winner Predictions

Bayern Munich

When we take football, we always want to see a solid team structure. The right amount of defense with the most attack strategy ever, topped up with an awesome goalie.  This is what we see when we talk about Bayern Munich. The team has gone from strength to strength in the latest years with additions such as Leroy Sane and Kingsley Coman. If there is some magic that manager Hans Dieter Flick has conquered, it is the drive, motivation and hunger to win it all amongst his team. And the 2019 season, what indeed the season that Bayern has taken everything home: a massive treble with the Champions League win, the Bundesliga and even the DFB Pokal.

Only Real Madrid have the king status when it comes to the Champions League, the team has raised the cup over and over again. The Bayern that won the 2019 treble is a fine contender, and honestly if you have a spare buck or two, this team is where your bet should go to.

Manchester City

Pep Guardiola has been in charge of the city since the early days of 2016. The football chief has already spent the whooping 1 billion figure so far, yet has never secured the Champions League title that City really crave. The hunger is there,  yet it never translates well for the blues. Some say that Guardiola is currently walking on thin ice, and not even securing him a 2020 Premier’s League title, will also see his cards dealt sooner or later. The Blues always get to the quarter final stages and just get booted off. Will this be imprinted enough in the players to fight more for a Champions League win, and are they capable of this?

City is well known for keeping key players and investing in their growth, and this plays well on the pitch. The team is gelled to the point of having a symphony whilst they play. Possibly having too many games at one time had killed City’s momentum towards the end, and possibly this could play a big factor in the 2021 season. Focus is on the cup for City, and they will fight hard to be crowned the kings of Europe.

Paris St.Germain

If there is a team that wants retribution, it has to be PSG. The team played well, had some much defense that gave Bayern a run for their money.  Yet a 59th minute goal saw Bayern win the tournament with a humble 1-0 win. Humiliated and defeated, the PSG players cried at the end of the match. For achieving so much in the Champions League, and not taking the title home. 2021 is the comeback year for PSG, the year they want to be remembered for winning the title after a final’s loss the previous year. If there is a year that a PSG win should be, it is definitely 2021.

If PSG have their eyes on the prize, investments in good tier 1 players should be the strategy. With Thiago Silva leaving the team, some new talent could work wonders.


After securing a 2019 -2020 Premier League win, Liverpool want to step it up a notch. And to be fair, they totally should. During the League, Liverpool were the envy of everyone, and the players worked seamlessly to give us some of the best football of the 21st century. Liverpool will most probably also win another Premier League, but the ultimate goal will always be the Champions League and possibly a combined leagues wins.

As we witness Jurgen Klopp being branded the best manager of all time, we also have to note that Liverpool have not made major player purchases during the summer period. Will this hinder Liverpool from making it to the top?  Who knows ...we will need to wait and see.


Frank Lampard was given a solid amount of money to invest in Chelsea and get the team to an international winning level. After spending more than 200 million in player budget, Lampard has vowed that him and the Blues have their sights not just on the English Premier League, but also the winning the Champions League. With the 2012’s Champions League win for Chelsea still being echoed through conversation, it is now high time that a comeback is made, with the main man Lampard leading the Blues to victory. And with notable additions such as Kai Haverts and Timo Werner, joining the team, anything seems possible, even winning the 2021 Champions league title.

Let’s all forget that Chelsea deserve a better defense for a second, and hope that 2021 could be the winning year.

Teams that could, but probably will not win the Champions League title

Real Madrid

Zinedine Zidane’s team is quite and aged team, and this could have both advantages and disadvantages in football. With Summer 2020, Real Madrid faces some serious challenges that prohibit them from landing new talent to the team. And in football, you always need something new to revive the old. (Remember the formidable Rooney / Ronaldo duo powerhouse?)

The team also suffered the departure of Achraf Hakimi, who was still a beaming star within the team. All we can hope is that a replacement is found soon, or else Real Madrid have no chance of winning the grand title.


It is not a big secret that the last few months have been a tumultuous time for Barca. The very public Lione Messi drama played in the media, with his father haing high end talks with officials and the Club President promising Messi his resignation if that meant that the star stayed signed on to Barca. Drama much? Very. In football, you can have all the big players of all time under your regime, yet if the dressing room is  not unified as one, no wins will follow. And possibly, this is why Barcelona will not secure a Champions League win. The dressing room is divided, Messi’s allegiance is in question, was this all a publicity stunt to get more money from the club? The team will surely have a chat or two about the matter in the tunnel, and this could potentially make them or break Barcelona FC.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid have never been the team that we bet on if they were playing another team not familiar to us. Although they do have some sort of good track record, they still do not match with Real Madrid or even Barcelona, two teams that also find themselves in this ‘not to win list’.


Juventus have many things that we envy. The glossy stadium, the old club history, and of course the beauty of football that only Cristiano Ronaldo brings to the team. But is this enough for the Bianconeri to bring the title home. Juventus always seem to reach the end, yet never make it to the final hurdle. Also an impossible statement to make when Ronaldo dominates the team. They should be winning every match, title and cup, But, unfortunately they are not.

If there is something that La Vecchia Signora needs to work on, it is to find a balance between the team. And bring back some of the ex relegated Juve vibe back to the pitch.

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