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Villa next manager odds

Villa next manager odds

Aston Villa: next manager after Steven Gerrard

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Steven Gerrard

                      "You will never hear me say that Villa is the springboard before which I want to get to Liverpool"

From the rejection of Newcastle to the signing for Aston Villa. It seemed that Steven Gerrard would finish the started season in Scotland and bring Rangers another title, but very soon after Villa sacked Dean Smith, the legend of Liverpool accepted the vacant coaching position in Birmingham. Gerrard believes that Villa could sail into the waters of European football in the long run with their quality. Villa became European champions in the 1981/82 season, and last played in the knockout phase of a European competition in 2009 - then, under the command of Martin O'Neill, competed in the UEFA Cup.

                      Gerard spent the previous three and a half years at Ibrox, on the stupid Glasgow Rangers, with whom he won the Scottish title last year.

                      Aston Villa, a club of rich owners and glorious history, is also a club that - especially after the departure of the mascot Jack Grillish, which we once experiencedly warned - could not cling to its own identity, would be a high school (vocational), after which you can go to higher science. even to doctoral studies, or to get a job in medium-sized jobs and spend your life that way, regardless of pedigree.

Gerard can repeat at literally every press conference that he is focused exclusively on Aston Villa (and proverbially grateful to Rangers, but those pictures will be paler and paler), but many are guessing that this is just a step towards the real thing, located some hundred miles to the northwest, where the streets still resonate with his name.

If, of course, he is ever ready for that thing.

Gerard could opt for the line of least resistance, stay in Rangers and collect titles there (which would not replace the regret for the one, never unattainable) and other cups, to steel in European competitions and become an idol of the new generation of fans at Ibrox, and from there he casts his eyes on when Jurgen Klopp will shorten his term and when the place that was destined for him will be indicated.

                      Aston Villa has money and ambition, its goal is to return to Europe, and it is an ideal environment for Steven Gerrard to sharpen or break his teeth, so that he can slowly get ready for what is meant for him – Liverpool.

Nobody in Birmingham pretends to have brought a top manager, aware that they are gambling with only a potentially good manager.

                      Of course, Gerard is also aware of the risk he took over by succeeding Dean Smith at the helm of Villa, who was previously fired after five consecutive defeats of the team in the best football league in the world. However, the man who in the first part of his football life acquired the epithet of an icon of the club from "Anfield", does not hide that he likes risks and challenges. And the move from Glasgow to Birmingham is, according to many estimates, an even bigger challenge for this young manager than the also unexpected takeover of the Scottish “The Gers” in 2018.

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