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MLB odds – Get the Best Odds at MLB

Who wins MLB 2022?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Los Angeles Dodgers4.504.20
Houston Astros5.505.00
New York Yankees5.505.00
New York Mets7.004.50
Atlanta Braves14.0011.00
San Diego Padres14.0013.00
Toronto Blue Jays19.5013.00
St Louis Cardinals31.0021.00
Milwaukee Brewers36.0026.00
Philadelphia Phillies41.0023.00
Seattle Mariners41.0029.00
Tampa Bay Rays51.0034.00
Minnesota Twins53.0041.00
Chicago White Sox56.0034.00
Cleveland Guardians101.0051.00
Baltimore Orioles251.0081.00
San Francisco Giants251.00151.00
Boston Red Sox301.00126.00
Miami Marlins3001.001001.00
Los Angeles Angels3001.001501.00
Texas Rangers4001.001251.00
Arizona Diamondbacks4001.001501.00
Colorado Rockies5001.001501.00
Chicago Cubs5001.002001.00
Cincinnati Reds5001.002001.00
Kansas City Royals5001.002001.00
Detroit Tigers5001.002501.00
Pittsburgh Pirates5001.002501.00
Oakland Athletics5001.004001.00
Washington Nationals5001.005000.00

MLB Odds

Major League Baseball, popularized as MLB, is North America’s lone professional baseball league. Baseball is a bat-and-ball game that involves players from opposing teams fielding and batting in turns. While not everyone can actively participate in the pitch, there are other ways in which baseball fans can be part of the fun. One of these ways is betting on the outcome in a particular match.

There are different types of bets that can apply to a baseball match. All bets are controlled by a mathematical determiner known as “odds”.

MLB Odds Explained

The Point Spread

This is also known as “the spread” or “the line”. To handicap the favorite team, bookmakers apply a point spread as the margin. For wagering purposes, the bookmaker forecasts the number of points that the favored team will win by. These points make up the point spread.

To indicate the favorite team, a minus sign (for instance -5.5) is utilized. The underdog is denoted by a plus sign (for instance +5.5).

Betting on the favorite requires that team to win by a margin higher than the point spread given. If one of the two conditions isn’t met, the bet is considered as lost. A bet on the weaker team wins if the team wins the match, ties, or if the favorite wins without exceeding the point spread. In most sports, the standard in most point spread bets is that staking $110 wins one $100.

The Money Line

This is one of the easiest MLB bets offered by bookmakers. It implies placing a bet on a particular team to win a game. It’s really that simple. Instead of a point spread, the money line gives a solid price for gamblers to wage on. With little regard to the score, the team selected to win has to do so in order for the bet to win.

With the money line, a minus sign such as -130 will always denote the favorite team. It also indicates the amount required of you to stake for you to win $100 back as profit. On the other hand, a plus sign such as +120 points out to the underdog. This indicates the expected profit for any single bet of $100. From this scenario, it is clear that with the favorite, staking $130 wins you $100 while with the underdog, staking $100 wins you $120.

The Over/Under

Over/under markets are controlled by the number of points issued by a bookmaker. The points are based on their expectation of what the total score for the whole match will be. Normally, overtime is included and the score for both teams combined is considered.

Typically, the bet placed depends on whether the total points scored will be greater or less than the number given out by the bookmaker. Generally, staking $110 wins you $100, just like with the point spread betting system.

The common term used to refer to money line and point spread betting is “sides”, implying that an individual bets on a particular side to be the overall winner. With the over/under betting system, the slang commonly used is “totals”.

As in the other American leagues (NFL, NHL, NBA, etc.), Major League Baseball also has a playoff.