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BLNO odds – Get the Best Odds at Basketligaen Norge

Who wins the (Basketligaen Norge) BLNO 2020/2021?

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BLNO is Norway's premier professional men's basketball league. It was established in 2000. There are 10 teams in the BLNO. Foreign players are allowed on all teams, but a maximum of two Americans are allowed on the court at a time. Also, a minimum of two Norwegian players are required on court by the rules.

The 2017–18 BLNO was the 18th season of the Basketball League of Norway since its establishment. It started on 22 September 2017 and ended on 11 April 2018 with the third and last game of the finals. Kongsberg Miners, in their third season in the league, won the title defended by Centrum Tigers, that ended in the last position.

The ten participating teams first played the regular season, that consisted in a round-robin schedule containing three rounds with every team playing each opponent at least once home and once away for a total of 27 matches.

At the end of the regular season, the top eight teams qualified for the playoffs. Quarterfinals and semifinals were played with a best-of-three format and the final is played as a single game. The last qualified team would be relegated.

Persbråten were relegated at the end of the last season, replaced by Fyllingen.

The individual awards and the All-League team were chosen by the coaches of the League :

Regular season MVP: Aksel Bolin - Team: Asker Aliens

Defensive Player of the Year: Fred Thomas - Team: Kongsberg Miners

Young Player of the Year: Mikal Gjerde - Team: Kongsberg Miners

Coach of the Year: Mathias Eckhoff- Team : Bærum

BLNO Finals MVP: Brian Voelkel - Team : Kongsberg Miners

All-BLNO team:

PG                 Stian Mjøs - Team: Bærum

SG                  Nikolas Skauen- Team: Frøya

SF                  Brian Voelkel- Team : Kongsberg Miners

PF                  Aksel Bolin- Team : Asker Aliens

C                    Evan Harris- Team: Nidaros Jets

This season Kongsberg Miners celebrated the triumph in the 2018 BLNO playoffs Final, winning away the decisive game-3 against the Asker Aliens (RS best team with 23 consecutive wins).

Three away wins in the final series, 83-68 the last match of the season with 14+16+9 of the MVP Brian Voelkel.

Voelkel closed a great season as best player for rebounds and assists, with 13.8 APG, 15.4 RPG and 8.5 APG.

Looking forward at 2018/2019 season,  If the Asker Aliens will keep the norwegian Stian Berg and make some moves on their roster, will keep their popularity as a  one of the potential teams to win the title next year. Also the Kongsberg Miners could do a step forward extending Henry Mccarthy's contract for at least one season. It will be a big step forward to get a new title next season.

A long offseason is on the way and every team will do their best to sign new players and staff in order to win the 2018/2019 BLNO Championship.  Stay tunned for the next news and updates about BLNO Norway basketball League.