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CBLOL Winter 2020 odds

Who wins CBLOL Winter 2020?

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CBLOL Winter 2020

The creators of the always impressive and great League of Legends game announced at the beginning of this 2020 that this year it will serve so that the Brazilian Championship of League of Legends (CBLoL) will become part of a franchise model in which there will be no drops or promotions as they are in the leagues of China, Europe and North America.

Riot Games announced the start date of the CBLoL winter season will be in a short time, specifically June 6. The company's idea is that the site where the matches were held, which was destroyed by a flood in February, is ready for the opening day of the championship. However, the performance of matches in lan will depend on the pandemic caused by the Covid-19.

The champion of the CBLoL winter 2020 season, in turn, will represent Brazil and South America in the LoL World Championship. The tournament will feature the participation of 8 Brazilian teams and will be played in a widely known format. In the group stage, a triple round robin will be played, with all matches being played to the best of 1 (Bo1), where the 4 best teams advance directly to the playoffs. The playoffs will be played to the best of 5 games (Bo5) in which, the team that comes out champion will not only enjoy approximately $ 12,750, but will also qualify directly and represent Brazil in the LoL World Cup to be played in mid-November of this year.

The participating teams are:

  • Flamengo eSports
  • FURIA Uppercut
  • KaBuM! e-Sports
  • Keyd Stars
  • paiN Gaming
  • Prodigy Esports
  • INTZ eSports
  • Santos e-Sports

The organizing committee or better said, Riot Games promises an epic event for the month of November, considering that it will be the tenth World Championship in the history of the competition and will take place in China, home to the last two world champions: Invictus Gaming (2018 ) and FunPlus Phoenix (2019).