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Champions League 2019 Odds from 22Bet

Champions League 2019 is coming to a close with the most exhilarating part of it ahead. After some of the unexpected results of the quarter-finals, Ajax and Tottenham is the first pair of semi-finalists that will meet at the Hotspurs Stadium on April 30th, while Barcelona will square off against Liverpool on May 1st at Camp Nou.

The build-up to the current matches was dramatic and unexpected, as underdogs came out on top and the bookmaker favourites tanked. Therefore, the odds are definitely just one of the numerous factors that come into play, especially this season.

Thankfully, the recently launched sports betting site 22Bet UK has looked into all of that and now offers a closer look at the clubs and odds of the upcoming matches.

Road to Victory

Perhaps the biggest shocker of all was Ajax beating Ronaldo and co in the second leg of the quarter-finals after finishing the first leg with a draw.

Tottenham did not disappoint as well, grabbing an unexpected victory from Manchester City, thanks to away goals. Now, the Spurs and Ajax will meet face to face in the semi-finals, which must be exciting for the fans of both teams.

As to the other pair, it was more predictable, yet satisfying nonetheless. Liverpool followed through with their winning streak by beating Porto. Barcelona has knocked out Manchester United and will now pose a challenge to Liverpool.

Odds and Tips on Champions League Semi-Finals

Online bookmaker 22Bet has gathered the odds on the upcoming matches and has looked into the probability of all the outcomes.

The most interesting pair is by far the teams that could have previously been considered underdogs by some. Ajax's last Champions League title dates back as far as 1995, while the Spurs have yet to get it. Both teams will fight fiercely for a chance to get to the finals.

The odds:

  • Tottenham - 5/4
  • Ajax - 21/10
  • Draw - 47/20

Tottenham does look a bit better this season, having performed impeccably. However, Ajax does not fall to far back either. The stand-off will be merciless. Tottenham is still a favourite to progress further, but more likely on an aggregate score.

As to the other pair, Barcelona suffered no losses for two months and having a one-man-army such as Messi only adds to their already massive upper hand. Liverpool's show of force will be apparent, but not likely to stop Barca, especially at their home at Camp Nou in the first match.

The odds:

  • Barcelona - 73/100
  • Liverpool - 67/20
  • Draw - 29/10

Bet with a 22Bet Bonus

There's no doubt that the upcoming matches will keep many fans glued not only to the scoreboard, but to a betting lines as well. For this reason, 22Bet offers a
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All that's left to do is to wait for the matches to come and, as 22Bet says, Bet 2 Play, Bet 2 Win!