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Cheltenham odds

Understanding Horseracing Wagers to Make Betting Easier

Horse races and festivals are quite fun and you can complete your excitement by placing bets for your favorite races and horses. If you are a beginner, you might find it important to start by understanding wagers. In horse racing, you will find two major wagers, exotic and straight wagers. It is best to stick to the straight wagers when you are new to betting simply because they are cheap and simple meaning affordable losses for you in case your bet does not win.

Straight Wagers

The betting is done only on one horse in straight wagers, but the betting options are numerous. Here is a highlight of what straight wagers are all about.

  • Place – A place bet in straight wagers means that you are betting for the horse to take first place or second place. You collect when it wins of course.
  • Win – This is a more serious bet than a place bet since you will be betting that the horse will finish first. You lose if it does not win as expected.
  • Show – A show bet in straight wagers means you are betting for the horse to take one of the first three positions. Hedging the bet in this way increases your winning chances, but the payouts are definitely lower than place and win bets.
  • Across the board – Betting across the board means you are betting for the horse to show, place and win. It is also known as a combo straight wager because it has three different bets in one.

Exotic wagers

The wagers give you the chance to make bets on multiple horses in one bet. They definitely increase profit potential, but are a lot riskier compared to the straight wagers. A lot is needed to increase your chances of winning such as making proper horse analysis and choice. You must also be comfortable enough to lose since the wagers can be expensive if you end up losing.

  • Exacta – You bet for two horses to take the first and second place in the selected order. You can box the exacta bet to break the horse win order.
  • Trifecta – You bet that three chosen horses will take the first, second and the third places in your exact order.
  • Quinella – This one gives you the freedom to bet on two horses to take first and second place in random order.
  • Superfecta – The bet is on four horses to take first, second, third and fourth places in an exact given order. At an additional cost, you can box the bet to break the order and let the horses win in random order.

Before getting into horseracing betting, you should find out as much as possible about the wagers, especially if you are new to the betting. The more you know, the more reasonable bets you will make reducing your losing chances and increasing winning chances. Whatever the case, however, it helps to be ready to win or lose on a bet. The readiness offers you a cushioning effect in case things don’t go your way.

Cheltenham Festival is amongst the most popular in horseracing calendar attracting thousands of horse handicappers. Consider Cheltenham odds to make reasonable and rewarding bets during the festival. Different day tips can also help you make the right decisions.