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Italian cup 2020 odds

Italian cup odds

Who wins the Italian cup 2020?

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The Italian Cup will slightly change its format: CONI president Giovanni Malagò, extraordinary commissioner of the Serie A League, has made official at the end of the League Assembly that for the Serie A teams there will be the full draw rule.

The Italian Cup changes its face. After several years in which the format had remained the same now the program changes, not so much in the development (still identical) as in the dispute of the games. As officialized by Giovanni Malagò for the matches that will involve the Serie A teams there will be the full draw for the game field. This means that there will no longer be a default scoreboard but there will be the possibility to play at home, even for the teams of the lower ranks or that were placed low in the rankings of the previous season. Malagò's will is going to be extended to the Serie B teams as well, but for now nothing is official: in the next weeks the new rules will be established.


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