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Italy Cup odds – Get the Best Odds at Coppa Italia

Italy cup odds

Who wins the Italy cup (Coppa Italia) 2020/2021?

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The 2020-21 Coppa Italia

The Italian championship has just ended, but the fans can't wait to see their teams back on the pitch. A few months ago, Napoli beat Juventus in the Coppa Italia final. Will Napoli be able to win again the next year?

Their main opponent is Juventus. Bianconeri will have to buy talented players to support Ronaldo and Dybala. Also, Agnelli just fired Sarri. Who will be the next Juventus coach? Someone says Pochettino, or even Zidane. At the moment, they are the favorites to win Coppa Italia.

Napoli also should keep an eye on Inter. Conte has a talented team, with players like Lukaku, Eriksen and Sanchez. Inter is also one of the favorite teams to win the Europa League. The last trophy Inter won was the Champions League in 2010, the year of the triplete.

One of the most talented teams in Serie A is Atalanta. In a few years, Gasperini has built a team full of young talents. Atalanta will face PSG in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, for the first time in their history.  Favorites for the Coppa Italia victory if they continue to play like this.

Ibrahimovic will continue to play for Milan for another year, and is unlikely to want to retire without first winning a title. Lately, Milan have been playing very well, winning almost every match, including the one against Ronaldo's Juve (4-2). Milan have always played well in Coppa Italia, and they will probably reach the semifinals without problems.

Lazio won the Coppa Italia in 2019, and they can probably do it again next year. If Immobile continues to score 36 goals next year, they can also make it to the Finals.

Napoli, winner of the 2019-20 Coppa Italia, are returning from a disappointing season, with only 19 victories, very few for a team like Napoli. Despite this, Napoli are facing Barcelona in the Champions League. They are not the favorites to win the 2020-21 Coppa Italia, but ... let's keep an eye on them!

The teams to be considered as outsiders are Roma, Fiorentina and Sassuolo. Roma won the Coppa Italia 12 years ago, and after that, they never managed to get positive results. Fiorentina and Sassuolo probably won't even reach the Final, but they will give teams like Juventus, Inter and Atalanta a very hard time!

This year some new features will be introduced: the tournament will be named Coppa Italia Coca-Cola for sponsorship reasons.

In addition, the winner of Serie A and the winner of the Italy Cup will face each other in the Italian Super Cup, which will be held in December 2021 in Dubai.

The 2020-21 Coppa Italia final will be played on May 19, 2021 at San Siro (Milan).