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Champions Cup Finals 2019 odds

Who wins Champions Cup Finals 2019?

There are no odds currently available

Champions Cup Finals 2019 (CS:GO)

The Champions Cup finals will be played at the InterContinental Arena Conference Center in St. Julian's, Malta, around the Christmas period: December 19-22 at the end of this year. This event will lower the curtain of the tournament season, it replaces the original tournament organized by Eden Esports, the SuperNova CS: GO Malta. The teams participating in the tournament will be 8, where 5 of them will come from regional qualifiers in Europe and China (4 from Europe and 1 from China) and the remaining 3 will be by direct invitation of the organizing committee.

The draws of the groups were carried out through HLTV classifications and the positions of the qualifying teams in the regional competition. In addition to this, the prize pool of $ 300,000 will increase the stress and hunger to win from the participating teams.

The format of the tournament will be known by everyone in the field of CS:GO in the world. The eight teams will be divided into two groups of double elimination, in Bo3 format after the opening of the tournament that is the best of 1. The two best teams of both groups advance to the playoffs with the same Bo3 format until they reach the Grand Final.

The eight participating teams are:

  • ENCE eSports - Invited
  • FURIA Esports - Invited
  • G2 Esports - Invited
  • TYLOO - Chinese Champions Cup
  • Hard Legion Esports - European Champions Cup
  • BIG - European Champions Cup
  • Movistar Riders - European Champions Cup
  • Team Spirit - European Champions Cup

And the tournament prize distribution is:

1st place: $ 150,000

2nd place: $ 50,000

3rd place: $ 30,000

4th place: $ 20,000

5th – 6th place: $ 12,500

7th – 8th place: $ 10,000

Although the ENCE eSports team has not had a good participation in recent tournaments, its impetus and its strong players with Aleksi "allu" Jalli, they will give everything for the whole to be, as expected, at most High of the podium of this edition of the Champions Cup Finals 2019.