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Epicenter 2019 odds

Who wins Epicenter 2019?

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Epicenter 2019

The organizing committee Epic Esports Events based in Moscow, Russia, has ratified that in this month of December the third consecutive edition of the EPICENTER 2019 will be held. This Russian CS:GO event will take place between the 17th and 22nd of December in the wonderful setting of the Crocus Expo located on the cold floors of Moscow with a prizepool to be distributed of $ 500,000, being the highest prize of its three editions held.

This new edition of EPICENTER will feature eight of the best Counter-Strike teams of today, four of which were invited directly, while the remaining four quotas were disputed in the open qualifiers of Europe, China and the CSI. Next, we will show the eight participating teams:

1.      AVANGAR Virtus Pro - Invited
2.      Evil Geniuses - Invited
3.      NaVi - Invited
4.      Team Vitality - Invited
5.      Heroic - European Qualifier
6.      Mousesports - European Qualifier
7.      forZe - CSI Qualifier
8.      EHOME - Chinese Qualifier

Both NaVi and AVANGAR return to the tournament as finalists and semifinalists with respect to EPICENTER 2018, while Evil Geniuses and Team Vitality arrive in Moscow as new teams that, in this 2019 have given everything for the whole and have climbed many positions in the world ranking of the CS:GO.

The group stage will be played from December 17 to 19 and the playoffs on December 21 and 22. The format to be used in this new edition of EPICENTER 2019 has not yet been disclosed, but based on the previous years and the huge amount of tournaments played throughout this year, it is expected that they will be two groups of four teams, in Bo3 mode all the games. The leader of each group advances directly to the semifinals, while the second and third will play the quarterfinals, all matches in Bo3 format, in direct elimination.