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The Danish Cup Odds

Danish Cup

Who wins the Danish Cup 2017/2018?

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The Danish cup’s official name is DBU Pokalen. Since 2009/2010 the winner also qualified for the Europa League if he didn’t qualify with league standings. So it increases the intensity of the games and people of Denmark enjoys beautiful football all year round.

F.C. Copenhagen:

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. And F.C. Copenhagen has represented the capital with beautiful football. They are the new giants of Danish football. And the way Danish football is increasing day by day, they are a force to be reckon with. Last year was another double winning campaign for them. And no team even came close to giving them a proper challenge as they were unbeaten in Denmark last season. And nothing is pointing to decrease of their dominance. So the reign of Copenhagen will continue to the next cup unless a major hiccup happens.

Brøndby IF:

For some time Brøndby hasn’t added anything to their trophy cabinet. But though they have been runners up in league and cup last season, it signaled the fact that the old Brøndby are coming back. If not for the might of Copenhagen they would have the best chance to win the Danish cup next term. But as they have a formidable opponent ahead of them, they need to act wisely. With right recruitment in the transfer market and hunger of missing out last season, nobody can question their ability to win the cup next season.

FC Midtjylland:

Midtjylland are one of the youngest clubs in modern football. They have been founded in 1999. And in their short existence they have already win the league once. They have also famously defeated the most successful team in England, Manchester United. But they haven’t been fortunate enough to taste the Danish cup till now. The way they have been progressing for a small club, their 1st Danish cup is very close.