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Dota 2 - Bucharest Minor 2019 odds

Who wins the Bucharest Minor 2019?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Gambit Esports3.003.00
Keen Gaming7.507.50

Bucharest Minor 2019

The Bucharest Minor running from January 9-13 is going to be the first Dota 2 event of 2019. The event will see the winner take home a $125,000 prize and make their way to the Chongqing Major later on in the month.

The event is made up of one qualifying team from North America, CIS, Southeast Asia, and South America, and two qualifying teams from China and Europe.

Many top teams are vying for a place in Chongqing Major, including OG (the winner of The International in 2018), They seems to be heading into the event with a slight edge over the others, and looks to be making their way into another Major by first taking a win in Bucharest.

Can OG Do It?

In 2018, the EU mixed squad probably had one of the best Cinderella run in the history of esports, coming to a close when they won over $11,000,000 in prize money and raised The Aegis of Champions.

They head into the event with better odds, and looks poised to win it. With the momentum from winning the Dota 2's biggest tournament ever, I believe OG will be able to strike out the competition en route to qualifying to the 2019's first Major.

Will it be a Battle between China and Europe?

The top favorite four to reach the finals are either from the region of China or Europe, with EHOME and Keen putting on for the Asian side, with NiP and OG representing the EU.

I wouldn’t say that OG will surely make it to the finals, but I see them having a 90% chance. The team led by N0tail (a Danish veteran), encompass what it means to work as a team, and almost always seem to grind it out.

Keen Gaming has the second-best chance to reach the finals.

Although the team has been relatively successful around Asia, but have so far failed to really showcase what they’re capable of on the big stage. They’ve only played in a small number of tournaments against notable teams in the world, and didn’t really place all that well once they were there.

They certainly stand a decent chance to make it into the finals, but my money would be elsewhere.

EHOME, is another Chinese team that stands a good chance of making it through the tournament and representing China come championship 13th.

Story for EHOME is same as it is for Keen: they find success around Asia's smaller tier, but not really able to put it together against the big guys.

NiP have the 4th best chance to reach the finals, personally I believe NiP have better odds than both of their Chinese counterparts, and stands a better chance to be one the two teams left standing come Sunday.

Having already played OG, NiP may be able to take the whole event if they are able to make adjustments based off of their first matchup in the Bucharest Minor Europe Qualifier.


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