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Ebasketball: what do the prospects for this look like?

Most sports fans cannot live without football matches, making this sport the most popular worldwide. But basketball has no fewer fans. For example, in the United States, this sport ranks second in popularity after American football. 

This sport appeals to people of all ages because it involves reaction speed and strategic thinking. Therefore, it is unsurprising that ebasketball also quickly gained an audience of dedicated fans. If someone has dreamed of becoming a basketball star for a long time but, for example, could not get into the team because of his short height, then esports basketball allows him to reformat his passion.

One of the most influential brands in the esports industry is 2K, which works with many international federations and companies. Most people know the brand because of the NBA 2K franchise. Players control the characters of a virtual basketball team who compete in different game modes, for example — 3х3 or 5х5.

The creation of a professional game league, NBA 2K League, is proof of the strong influence and development of ebasketball. Spectacle competitions attract a large audience, including fans, players, tournament organizers, and content creators. It is crucial that this sports discipline can boast of high-quality competition. Therefore, the more brands that offer exciting content about cyber basketball, the wider the audience can reach. There's good news: such brands have existed.

BETER and ESportsBattle Basketball: 24/7 ebasketball coverage with top content 

ESportsBattle, premium content, and BETER's in-house esports tournaments are designed explicitly for sportsbooks. It showcases head-to-head tournaments from renowned gaming titles. This product vertical covers 33,000+ efootball, ebasketball, ehockey, CS 2, and virtual football events per month. Audacious supporters of esports basketball will be able to enjoy top content from the brand because of the following offers:

  • 24/7/365 coverage
  • game format: 4x5 (5 min quarters)
  • 60+ players
  • 9 tournaments / 110 matches daily

Both professional players and fans get access to current statistics, esports tournament schedules, and news. The mission of BETER is to make the betting experience better for next-gen players, providing them with the fast-paced entertainment the brand knows they want.