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NTA odds – Odds at National Television Awards

The National Television Awards 2021 will be held at The O2 Arena on 20 April 2021.

Old odds on The National Television Awards 2020:

Best Drama

There are no odds currently available

Best Serial Drama

There are no odds currently available

Best Talent Show

There are no odds currently available

Best TV Judge

There are no odds currently available

National Television Awards 2020

Are you ready for the 2020 National Television Awards? With the nominees having recently been released, it's sure to be an exciting event once again this year.

About The NTAs

The voting process for the NTAs is offered at no cost to voters, who can visit the event's official web site to place their vote, or submit them by text message or phone.

This year's NTAs will be held at London's O2 Arena, the home of the awards since 2010. The NTAs have been televised both live and the evening after the awards have occurred. In the case of the latter, the results have been widely reported by the British media.

The NTAs have been in existence since 1995, and remain the most prominent ceremony as far as public voting is concerned. Unlike American ceremonies, awards are not titled "Best", but "Most Popular" due to the fact that the final list of winners is chosen by the public.

Another fact that makes the NTAs unique is that foreign programmers are allowed to be nominated. However, they must have first been screened during a specific time period on a British channel.

Viewership for the NTAs has reached as much as 14.5 million viewers, which occurred in 1997's broadcast.