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EPL Soccer Betting Guide

With the premier league being the most popular soccer league in the world, sports punters are attracted to place wagers on different teams in sites like Betway. However, while leading bookies will offer you solid odds, the EPL is highly competitive and quite hard to predict the outcome accurately. Fortunately, you can use this guide to mitigate your losses while having fun with EPL betting.

EPL Odds Explained

Before signing up at any bookie, you need to take your time to understand various markets available to maximize your chances of winning. Most bookmakers offer odds on almost every possible outcome, ranging from who will win at half or full-time, to the number of possible corners in a game. Here are the most common EPL betting markets available in all major bookies.

  • Match Result (1X2) – This betting market is the most common when it comes to wagering on sports. It involves betting on which team will win, or whether the game will end in a draw. 
  • Asian Handicap – For this type of bet, one team is given an unfair advantage over the other before the game starts, and the punter has to bet on whether the other team can overcome rift or not.
  • Total Goals Over/Under – For this type of bet, you will need to predict whether the total goals in a match will be above or under a certain predetermined number. For instance, if you bet on Over 2.5 goals at, then you’ll be due for a payout if the total number of goals between both teams reach at least three.

Tip To Help You Win While Betting On The EPL

When wagering on the EPL, there are a couple of things you can do to remain successful and maintain your bankroll. Most of these tips will also work when wagering on all the top five soccer leagues in Europe.  That includes:

1. Understand The Concept Of Value Betting

When it comes to betting, many people make the mistake of choosing the most likely outcome to occur, even where there’s no value. Placing your bets based on value involves identifying where there’s an edge over the bookmaker. That means looking past the odds on the bookie’s favorite and choosing to wager on the most underestimated outcome that has a solid chance of happening.

2. Specialize In Certain Markets

One of the most common mistakes made by amateur punters is trying their luck on almost every market available. It’s wise to start by concentrating on a few markets on Betway, as you can easily study trends and statistics to help you avoid losing your bankroll. Keep in mind that EPL is betting all about knowledge, studying statistics, and a bit of luck.

3. Keep Track Of Your Bets

To remain successful when betting on the EPL, it’s essential to remain organized and master your betting strategy. Obviously, keeping track of your bets will prove extremely difficult if you’re maintaining a mental note, so it’s advisable to use the pen and paper. That will help you to easily study your betting history and improve your betting strategy, giving you an edge over the bookies.