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Euro 2021 Odds Guide

Who wins the Euro 2021?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Euro 2021

The biggest summer extravaganza – at least for the football fans – in nearly a decade is fast-arriving, and fans cannot keep calm.

The pandemic forced the Euro Championship to be postponed to 2021 instead of the scheduled 2020. Stuck at home, fans had nothing much to enjoy on the telly, and they have waited with bated breath for this edition of the event.

Now, it’s happening! 20 teams will vie for the title of European champion over the summer. England is hosting the championship across 12 different cities, and the championship will kick off and end at Wembley Stadium.

There’s another exciting aspect to the Euro 2021 championship – it’s the 60th birthday of the competition, and therefore, every team is aiming to leave its mark in UEFA history. Perhaps, in a nod to this milestone, UEFA insists that the championship will be called Euro 2020. Not Euro 2021.

Euro 2021 Odds: Fan Favourites

Over the past year, since the rescheduling of the competition, the betting odds have been in flux, and it looks like they’ve finally settled just in the nick of time.

For now, it’s a three-way tie at the top!

England, Belgium, and France top the betting charts with the highest odds of winning the competition.

Fans of the host team, England, are in high spirits, what with Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford being in top shape. To their credit, the team has displayed impressive rebound since their disastrous performance against Croatia in the 2018 World Cup. There’s also the matter of massive gap between consequence its tournament victories. Whether England will be able to break this tradition and snag the title, only time will tell.

Belgium continues to match England in betting odds on most sites. And why wouldn’t they? They have a prime line-up of players – Toby Alderweireld, Axel Witsel, Jan Vertonghen, Eden Hazard, and Kevin Bruyne – who are at the peak of their careers. This is likely their last shot at the championship, so we can expect some extraordinary willpower from them.

Then there is France. One expects France to be raring to seal its vengeance against Portugal for their defeat in the 2016 championship.

The defending champion, Portugal, is hoping to repeat its 2016 magic, while France rears to seal its vengeance against them. And rightly so! With players like Olivier Giroud, Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, and N’Golo Kante, they are poised to make a massive impact at the competition.

Always Expect the Unexpected

Although the top three positions are occupied, for now, EURO Championship has time and again surprised us. Anyone from the lower rungs of the chats – Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, or even Portugal – can walk home with the title. More importantly, a lot goes into placing the right bets than just looking at the odds and the favourites.

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