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Eurovision semi final 2 Top 3

Semifinal 2: Which countries will be among the top three?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

The Eurovision Song Contest is the world’s largest television music competition and in 2017, the Semi Finals and Grand Final attracted 182 million viewers worldwide and reached more than three million Australians.

In 2018, the Eurovision Song Contest will be hosted for the first time ever by Portugal, in its capital city of Lisbon, after Salvador Sobral won the 2017 competition with his love ballad “Amar Pelos Dois”.

After the allocation draw of the semifinals took place, semifinal 2 looked to be a very strong one, comparing to the opening semifinal. This fact was based on the countries that were drawn in the 2nd show of the Eurovision, countries with great tradition in the contest and great results during the past years: Romania, Norway, Australia, Denmark, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine. After all the songs were revealed, the second semifinal started to look a bit not as strong as fans expected. Still on the race for a top 3 finish are Australia, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine or even Netherlands.

Australia is the fifth option to win the contest according to the bookmakers: the song presents features of a nice pop of good invoice and a very attractive rhythm of percussion, the only negative note is the letter that borders on banality. She will reach the final without problems and, with a good staging, will surely arrive in the top ten.

On the other hand, habitual in the pools to win the Eurovision contest, Sweden takes to Lisbon its particular Justin Bieber; from a musical point of view, the entry is a rather weak electro pop that is saved thanks to a staging that, more than a staging of a contest, looks like a music video.

The country of the tulips brings to the festival an old acquaintance, Waylon, who already competed in the 2014 edition as a member of the duo, "The Common Linnets", who came second with the song " Calm after the storm ". The Dutch theme is a mix of rock, in the style of Bon Jovi, and traditional country. Original.

Alexander Rybak will try to repeat the victory of this Scandinavian country nine years ago, when, in Moscow, he conquered Europe with his "Fairytale" (Fairy Tale); the song that is proposed to us this time is very lively, from the musical point of view, but too childish in terms of the lyrics. Bettors place it among the favorites so it can not be ruled out that it ended up as Dana International, winner of the Festival in 1999 and that was on the verge of the final in the 2011 edition.

‘Under The Ladder’ is just the sort of entry that will impress neutral viewers – catchy to some extent, looks good live, vocally strong. This song looks to not be well served enough to push for victory, which to be fair, is pretty much on Ukraine every year. Top ten likely though.