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Last placed in Eurovision Song Contest final Odds

Who will finish last in Eurovision Song Contest final 2018?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will be organized by the Portuguese public broadcaster Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP). The arena for Eurovision 2018 will be Altice Arena (former called MEO Arena, originally Pavilhão Atlântico). The Altice Arena is perfect for a huge event like Eurovision Song Contest. With a capacity of 20,000 it is one of the largest indoor arenas in the EU. The arena is placed very central in Lisbon with well branched infrastructure.

While everybody is focused on the favorites entry of reaching top 5 or top 10, there are still few countries which are being considered having no chances of avoiding the last place in their semi-final or in the final.

The first semi-final looks to be the strongest between the 2 semi-finals that are going to be held in Lisbon in order to select the 20 countries that will join Portugal and the Big 5 countries in the Grand Final. Contenders for finishing last in the first night of this year’s Eurovision should be one of Iceland, Albania, Lithuania, Switzerland or Ireland, taking a look at these countries’ results in the previous years. Also to mention for this “race” are Macedonia with “Lost and Found” and Czech Republic with “Lie to Me”, two countries that didn’t have big success at Eurovision but which are big fan favorites before the contest. Eurovision is always unpredictable..for example, everybody was shocked last year to see Latvia’s Triana Park finishing last in their semi.

The second semi-final, scheduled on 10th of May will have performing both last year’s last places in the semi-finals: San Marino and Latvia. Just like last year, Latvia doesn’t seem to be in the fight for avoiding last place, as many fans and bookmakers consider that Laura Rizzotto’s “Funny Girl” is a sure qualifier. Hopefully, she will not have the same destiny as Latvian last entry in Eurovision. On the other hand, San Marino is definitely a name to mention when thinking about which country is going to finish last in this semi-final. The micro-state will be battleing Montenegro and Georgia, both of these countries having no chances of qualifying, according to the bookmakers.

In Kiev last year, 3 out of the six countries automatically qualified in the Grand Final finished in the last 3 places ( Germany, Spain, Ukraine), marking one of the worst years  in the history of Eurovision for the Big 5 and the host country. This year, United Kingdom’s entry “Storm” seems to not be liked by the public and has it’s chances of finishing 26th in the Grand Final. Of course, this fact depends on which surprising qualifiers will come from the two semi-finals. Also in danger looks to be the entries of Germany and Portugal, not favorites for top 10, a possible bad staging or an early position of entering in the Grand Final could increase these countries’ chances of disappointing the ESC fans.