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Last placed in Eurovision Song Contest final Odds

Who will finish last in Eurovision Song Contest final 2019?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Eurovision 2019 Last Placed

As you may know, since 2013, the running order of the semi finals, as well as the grand final, is determined by the show producers.  While each country is drawing its place spent between the first and second half of the shows, it is up to the producers to determine their exact placement in the running order. This is done to give every entry the focus that it needs, and let it shine. It also makes each show more exciting to watch. It is after all a TV show and we compare the odds at the winner of Eurovision 2021.

This is an important fact which has an enormous role in determining the last placed in the Grand Finals ranking.The running order for the Grand Final on May 18th will be determined by the producers, right after the second Semi-Final, in the early hours of Friday 17 May.  Similarly to the semi finals, the running order for the final is also based on how each country has drawn its starting position between the first and second half of the show.

The Host Country is the only participant that randomly draws it’s placement in the running order. During the Heads of Delegations  Meetings back in March, it was determined that Israel‘s placement in the running order would be 14.

Home is the sort of song a host nation sends to Eurovision when they have zero ambition to win again. In Kobi they have a great vocalist who has a pleasant if not rather insipid Josh Groben-inspired ballad.Israel needed to be drawn 20th-26th in the running order to earn any recognition. Having drawn 14th it will surely leave them in a fight for last place in the final.

The newly renamed North Macedonia has presented Tamara Todevska’s Proud for Eurovision 2019.  Juries have recognised exceptional vocals before with the likes of Evelina Sašenko and Eugent Bushpepa, to name just two, both qualifying due to support from juries. Tamara is capable of attracting the same level of interest provided the delegation styles the performance sympathetically. It will be hard for this entry to get a good place in the Grand Finals ranking, but being there is an important plus for the former Yugoslavian country.

“Fire of Love” is Poland’s entry this year. It definitely lacks an edge to bring western voters on board.  Poland always did well in the televote and there is still the hope of them bringing a quirky ethno staging concept to Tel Aviv, which will make the song more remarkable. If not, then Poland are very borderline in semi-final 1, and a possible contender for the last place in the Grand Final. What’s also correct in the analysis is that juries tend not to enjoy ethnic songs (see Klapa s Mora and “My Słowianie” for starters).

Looking at the surprising acts of this year’s competition, “Say Na Na Na “ is the sort of song Eurovision was made for. People might scoff at San Marino, but Serhat’s song is likely to qualify from the first semi final and would need to be drawn  into the first half of the final to avoid a low place in the final ranking.