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San Marino in Eurovision Song Contest Odds

It will be an all-female foreign couple to represent San Marino at the next Eurovision Song Contest . The 1in360 selection contest  was in fact won by the Maltese  Jessika Muscat and the German  Jenifer Brening with "Who we are". Curiously, this is the duet formed in the race after the San Marino rapper Irol , originally selected for the song, had withdrawn from it, considering it too pop.

The voting of the spectators and the jury counted for 50% each. The viewers were able to invest in the artists through crowdfunding projects. The result of the crowdfunding project was used for the audience vote. At Jessika , Sara , Jennifer , Camilla  and Giovanni each case the maximum score 12 was assigned because they had reached the maximum of 8,000 euros.

The jury consisted of Alessandro Capichioni (Head of Delegation San Marino), Zoë (Eurovision 2016 Austria), Lasdislav Kossár (entrepreneur) and John Kennedy O'Connor (journalist and Eurovision expert who presented the ESC preview shows for San Marino ).

In the first version of the piece - which saw him duet with Jessika - there  were some bars of his single 'Cardiopalma' and after the departure of the Sammarinese rapper, the text was rewritten in English and his part was entrusted to Brening .

It is the third duet for San Marino after Michele Perniola-Anita Simoncini and Valentina Monetta-Jimmy Wilson .

#whoweare is an anti-bullying anthem in formed by Jessika's personal experiences.    Co-written by Jenifer, it describes the struggles of anyone who at some point in   their life was subjected to harrassing and demeaning treatment,  whether in school, at  their workplace or on social media.

Jessika Muscat, Maltese, born in 1989, has a past as a participant in the Malta Song for Europe, the national selection contest for the island of Malta.

In her capacity as a teacher, Jessika has been involved in various anti-bullying initiatives, including, most recently, eConfidence, an EU funded research project on serious games (that is, videogames specifically developed for the educational sector) and young people’s behaviour related to bullying and the safe use of the internet.

Jenifer Brening , three EPs active despite 22 years of age, has already worked with Matthias Strasser, executive supervisor and producer of the national selection of San Marino, whose three shows were held from Bratislava, Slovakia. More than a few problems reported for those who followed it in streaming.

Jenifer surprised everyone when - in perfect "girlpower" style - at the last minute he decided to act as a rapper replacing Irol, a Sammarinese hip hop artist who had already participated in the song. Just before the finals, in fact, Irol had informed Jessika that due to creative differences he would abandon the participation, renouncing the collaboration.

The declared objective is to overcome the second semi-final, scheduled for 10 May, thus becoming the second artist after Valentina Monetta with the song “Maybe” in 2014 to reach the last act for the bicolor of the Republic of San Marino .

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