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Fashion Tips for the South Australian Derby

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The South Australian Derby is as much about fashion as it is about watching horses race and betting on them. You may be thinking about the outfit you can display on race day, or you may not have anything figured out yet. In either case, you may need some help understanding whether your outfit will shine on race day. We have compiled some style tips for men and women that may help you prepare.

One of the biggest parts of Derby day is the outfit you wear to the event. There are many ways to get it wrong, so we're here to help you out.


There are no set rules regarding what you can and cannot wear. However, a derby is a great way for you to express your regal side with big hats and dresses. Much of the derby attire comes from the activities you'll be indulging in the entire day. These include sitting for a long while and watching horses race. You might even place some bets based on the latest tips on the South Australian Derby. The day's proceedings can get dull for people who aren't interested in horses. So, you want to ensure that your outfit is bright enough to hold your attention.

Women can choose to wear spring dresses, pastel or soft coloured pantsuits or even separates, and some outstanding headwear and accessories.


You want to pick a dress or a suit which is a simple, solid colour. You don't want it to be so busy that it distracts from your hat or headwear, as those bits are the real piece de resistance in your outfit. The South Australian Derby is an outdoors event, and as is the case with the outdoors, the weather can be somewhat difficult to predict. Hence, you want to take your time and decide on an outfit that is neither too hot nor too airy.


Women generally go for heels to elevate their dresses and suits. However, you're likely to be walking on soft or uneven ground, which means heels can easily sink in. Thus, you need to have a backup pair of flats or sandals that you can change into when you grow tired of the heels.


You need to stay away from jewellery that's too obnoxious or loud. The headwear is supposed to be the focus for a derby, so you can wear simple jewellery to offset the headpiece. You're also going to be present on the horse-racing field for quite a while, so you want to ensure your bag is big enough to carry some essentials. You want to carry a water bottle, a pair of extra flats, some sunscreen, sunglasses, and an extra poncho. You should also carry an extra clutch in that bag since there could also be a red carpet at the entrance.


There are no rules or limits when you're choosing your hat. However, you want something that compliments your outfit and makes you stand out. You don't want to go around being the dullest person in the race, which is why we recommend you opt for something vibrant and large. You can customize your hat or go to a retailer who offers you a better price.


You would think that the Derby is just a palace for women to dress up, but that's not the case. Men too can wear the clothes that they enjoy. The colour palette for Derby days is generally light and tropical. So, men can wear their brightest shirts and their coolest blazers to look their best.


A lot of men tend to be more neutral with their pants. They stick to normal colours like black, navy blue, and khaki. However, if you want to stand out, choose something floral or bright. Colours like citrus orange or powdery pink are perfect for a derby. The colours can distinguish you and make you look fashionable when you wear them with the right shirt and shoes.


Once you decide on the pants, you can choose a shirt. The Derby days are a great time to break out patterns and go for a gingham shirt. You want to ensure that the pants and the shirt colours complement each other, so you look more put together.


The jacket is what ties the whole look together. You can wear a tweed, neutral jacket or a navy blue blazer for a more sophisticated look.

Shoes and Tie

You can wear any loafers but ensure that you wear them without any socks to perfect the look. You can go for a necktie or experiment with a bow tie for the ties. We recommend wearing a fun bow-tie if you’re yet to experiment with them.

We hope these fashion tips help you be your best self at this prestigious event. No matter what style decisions you make and what outfit you wear, do so with confidence.


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