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Finnish Presidential Election 2024: Who Will Be the Next President of Finland?

During 2024, the political landscape of Finland will undergo a massive transformation because of the new presidential election that will take place on the 28th of January. The current president of Finland is Sauli Niinistö, who has served as the 12th president of Finland since March 2012. Even though Niinistö is popular among the Finnish population, he has served as the President of Finland for two terms, which is the maximum amount of time. Therefore, Finland is now possessed to choose an entirely new president.

Now, eight confirmed candidates are running to be the 13th President of Finland. The confirmed presidential candidates are Mika Aaltola (independent), Li Andersson from the Left Alliance, Sari Essayah from the Christian Democrats, Pekka Haavisto from the Green League, Jussi Halla-Aho from the Finns Party, Hjallis Harkimo from Movement Now, Olli Rehn from Centre Party, and Alexander Stubb from National Coalition Party.

The presidential election is always a massive thing for every country, but to make it even more interesting, some people love to place bets on political events. That’s why, together with Finnish betting experts from, we collected a list of the three most likely options to be the next President of Finland. The list also includes the odds for each candidate to win the Finnish presidential election in 2024.

#1 Favourite: Alexander Stubb - 1.50

Alexander Stubb is a prominent Finnish politician and statesman known for his dynamic leadership and extensive experience in national and international arenas. Born on April 1, 1968, Stubb has played a pivotal role in Finnish politics, contributing significantly to various government positions. A member of the National Coalition Party, Stubb has served as the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister of European Affairs in Finland.

During his term as the Prime Minister of Finland from 2014 to 2015, Alexander Stubb deepened his profound knowledge of European politics. Renowned for his articulate communication skills and commitment to promoting international collaboration, Stubb continues to stand out as a prominent figure in Finnish politics. Now, betting sites see him as the favourite to win the Finnish presidential election and give him the odds of 1.50 to be the next President of Finland.

#2 Favourite: Pekka Haavisto - 2.50

Pekka Haavisto, a 65-year-old distinguished Finnish politician and statesman, is widely acknowledged for his substantial involvement in domestic and global politics. Haavisto has been a well-known and influential figure in Finnish politics for tens of years and has served in various government positions. As a prominent member of the Green League, he has held key roles, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, showcasing his expertise in diplomatic affairs and dedication to environmental issues.

Haavisto’s influence transcends his current roles, as evidenced by his notable record in previous presidential elections. In 2012, he made history as the Green League’s candidate in the presidential race, reaching the second round and becoming the first Green candidate to do so. This achievement underscored both Haavisto’s personal political resilience and the growing influence of environmental and progressive values in Finnish politics. Even though Finnish people see Haavisto as the favourite to win the election, betting sites rank him as the second-favourite candidate with odds of 2.50.

#3 Favourite: Olli Rehn - 11.00

Olli Rehn is a well-known name in Finnish politics because he has served in many crucial positions since the beginning of his political career in 1991. The 61-year-old Finnish economist is a member of the Centre Party who has etched his influence on national and international stages. He has assumed crucial roles in Finnish politics, serving as the Minister of Economic Affairs and the European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs.

A prominent member of the Centre Party, Rehn’s impact transcends politics, extending into academia, where his dedication to economic policy is evident. Recognized for his intellectual understanding and commitment to fostering monetary stability, Rehn emerged as a notable figure in Finnish political circles. While betting sites designate him as the third favourite in the impending presidential election, Rehn’s diverse background positions him as a compelling candidate, resonating with voters seeking a candidate with multifaceted expertise.


All Confirmed & Potential Candidates

The list above is based on odds betting sites have given these candidates to be the next President of Finland. The list only shows what betting companies think, but it doesn’t show what people in Finland think. That’s why in October 2023, Finland’s national broadcasting company, Yle, surveyed people living in Finland. The main idea of the survey was to find out who Finnish people would want to vote for as the next President of Finland. Besides just voting for the official and confirmed candidates, Finns could also vote for other potential candidates. Below, you can see a list of all the potential and confirmed presidential candidates and percentages of Finnish people who voted for them in this survey produced by Yle.


1. Pekka Haavisto Confirmed 29%

2. Alexander Stubb Confirmed 22%

3. Olli Rehn Confirmed 14%

4. Mika Aaltolta Confirmed 10%

5. Jussi Halla-Aho Confirmed 8%

6. Li Andersson Confirmed 7%

7. Jutta Urpilainen Potential 3%

8. Sari Essayah Confirmed 2%

9. Hjallis Harkimo Confirmed 2%

10. Laura Huhtasaari Potential 1%

11. Paavo Väyrynen Potential 1%

12. Jaana Kavonius Potential <1%

13. Ano Turtiainen Potential <1%