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Ligue Nationale de Basketball (France) odds

The LNB (Ligue Nationale de Basketball) is the top men's French professional basketball league. There are two divisions in LNB: French Pro A League (first division) and French Pro B League (second division).

Who wins LNB Pro A 2017/2018?

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Le Mans1.601.60

French LNB Pro A League Overview for 2018

The national basketball team of France is one among the best in Europe, and when we look the names on the roster, we have dizziness. Tony Parker, Nicola Batum, Rudy Gobert, Nando De Colo, etc., all of these guys are representing France with excellent success. But when we compare them with the French clubs we come to the conclusion that there is a great disbalance between these two groups. In the past several years we haven't seen any club from France putting down a major result in European competitions, besides Strasbourg who played in the finals of Eurocup two years ago.

In the previous season, French Basketball Federation sided  with FIBA, and their teams haven't played Euroleague and Eurocup. For the upcoming season, this will no longer apply. They are back with ULEB, and they might even get a wild card for the Euroleague. At this moment Strasbourg and Chalon are in the finals of the playoffs, but whatever outcome happens we think that the special invitation is going to the club who is playing his fifth straight finals and that is Strasbourg.

Although they lost all four previous, we must say that this club is a dominant force in French LNB Pro A, and the biggest favorite to win the next championship. They have constant performances throughout the years. Also, they have been developing a vast number of players, and the latest one is one of the biggest talents in Europe Frank Ntilikina, who is going to be placed among top 15 picks in this year's draft. One of their starters is LeBron James best friends from childhood and the guy who helped him during high school quests Romeo Travis.

We have many teams who have similar quality, and we just can't pick any of them for the second favorite.

Asvel the champion from the last year, Limoges who won back-to-back titles in 2014 and 2015, Nanterre who has been using in the previous years and even reached the title in 2013.

The problem with the French teams is inconsistency. All but Strasbourg often have a tendency to have big oscillations, and you simply can't rely on them to fulfill their projected goals.

This offseason is going to be pretty interesting and exciting because French clubs are attractive again since they play in ULEB competitions. During the previous season, many individuals, both coaches, and players decided to avoid France. Participation in FIBA Champions League and other competitions isn't quite challenging like in Euroleague and Eurocup.

One thing is sure though, and that is the hyperproduction of NBA prospects. French league is one of the places most suitable for developing young players and preparing them for NBA. Fast and attractive style of play, where one-on-one situations are preferred, and where you don't have big pressure regarding result create a perfect environment for youngsters.

In short, this is the quick overview of the French LNB Pro A league.